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Is commonly used in beverage production line equipment have these

by:Xinmao     2020-12-01
Varieties of beverage production line of commonly used equipment is still relatively rich, because different beverage production process requirements of different beverage production line equipment, so there are some commonly used equipment is essential, is also a manufacturer of beverage production line first production beverage machinery and equipment. Let's meet these drinks machine. 1, water treatment equipment: clean water is the most important of the beverage quality assurance, so the water treatment equipment is one of the common equipment, its classification and many, one is the water filtration equipment, second, water softening equipment, three water sterilization disinfection equipment. 2, sterilization equipment, primary contains three: ( 1) Fluid beverage sterilization equipment ( 2) Canned beverage sterilization equipment ( 3) Using the electromagnetic wave physical sterilization equipment, automatic bottle washing machine: a jet type bottle washer, immersion type bottle washer and soaking and flushing type bottle washing machine. 4, filling machine: first according to the different pressure all categories, such as pressure filling machine used in soft drinks, champagne and beer filling in use; Such as fruit juice, milk, beverage, and soda in filling syrup, they do not contain carbon dioxide, generally USES the normal pressure filling machine; Negative pressure filling machine first used for gas liquid filling, such as fruit juice. The above is very common in beverage production line, and comparison of four types of equipment, beverage processing the necessary processing equipment. Claims that we in the choose and buy must know to do good products in resolution, such ability to buy more suitable equipment.
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