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Introduction to the working process of the bottled water filling production line

by:Xinmao     2021-02-08
After years of development, bottled water filling production line of products has increasingly become the most, only use a bottled water filling production line, products from raw materials to packaging equipment, can be realized through processing, transport, assembly, inspection and a series of production activities of routes, has great flexibility, and can use a variety of production needs. Bottled water filling the working process of the production line is mainly composed of washing bottle, filling, filling and capping three steps, including: 1, the washing bottle: washing bottle after five station, * location using chlorine dioxide ( CLO2) Soluble washing disinfection, washing time is adjustable, * location time is 12 s, the second location for 12 s, the third location is 12 s, the fourth station to clean water, time is adjustable according to different requirements, the fifth station is will be rinsed clean net residual moisture out of the barrel. 2, filling: dry clean the barrel through the transmission mechanism chain conveyer, fell on the rotary bucket mechanism, rotary bucket mechanism will empty barrels centralizer, filling valve is pressure, began filling, the filling time can be adjusted according to the filling pump flow. 3, filling and capping: when filling at the end of the barrel of the transmission mechanism will be filled with water barrels to cover machine set cover, set of good cover barrels to gland body, gland cylinder pressure, the lid at this point, a washing filling cycle is complete. Compared with other similar products, bottled water filling production line has the following advantages: 1, high degree of automation, simple operation, stable running, can effectively save the cost, improve production efficiency. 2, each single machine can complete its work independently, has its own operating system, as well as the numerical control display electrical components to control the parameters adjustment, and display Settings. Can help enterprises to realize standardization production. 3, each single machine can adapt to a variety of specifications bottle packaging, and adjust a little. 4, the single linkage, quick separation, and adjustment is rapid, simple, make the production of each working procedure to ensure coordination. 5, the production line running smoothly, each function combination is convenient, easy maintenance, can according to user's respective production process requirement for a variety of combinations. More information on bottled water filling production line, welcome everybody to continue to pay attention to our company to understand!
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