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Introduction to the development direction of old soda production line

by:Xinmao     2021-02-07
Old soda production line is a collection of washing, filling and capping function in the integration of equipment, this equipment adopts stainless steel, is the ideal of modern mineral water, distilled water, pure water production equipment, has a compact structure, covers an area of factory building is small, high efficiency and stable and reliable, high degree of automation. At present, the production of old soda production line production enterprises on the market has a lot of, every enterprise has its own product, model is also each are not identical, buyers in the process of choose and buy, be sure to choose according to their own actual situation zui the right equipment, so as not to affect the use of late. At present, as the old soda production line more and more widely applicable scope, the entire market presents a scene of prosperity, and to develop in the direction of the following three: 1, electromechanical integration, programmable controller is generally used in the beverage machinery and equipment control system, the old soda production line adopts computer control, fault self diagnosis, signs, realized the intellectualized. Production equipment, with high technical content, high reliability, full production line of high automatic control level and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters of the measurement. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Beverage packaging equipment reliability and the coordination of packaging line, directly affect the work efficiency of the whole production line, production cost and product quality. 2, muti_function change: old soda production line can adapt to a variety of liquids, a variety of bottle filling and sealing of tea drinks, coffee drinks, soymilk can be drinks and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling, also can undertake glass bottle and pet bottle filling, truly a body multi-purpose. 3, high speed, high quality, high precision, in order to adapt to the beverage industry, mass production for the need of zui better economic benefits, beverage equipment is more and more tend to be large. For example: the old soda production line zui high filling speed of up to 2000 cans/min, filling equipment filling valve Numbers respectively up to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. Non-carbonated drinks equipment Numbers have a 50 - filling valve Zui 100 heads, the filling speed up to 1500 cans/min. Compared to the old soda production line of the company, compared to similar products on the market has the following advantages: 1, the old soda production line design scientific and reasonable, beautiful appearance, complete functions, convenient operation and maintenance, and high degree of automation. Integrated with Italy, Germany advanced technology. Filling speed, liquid level control. 2, old soda production line adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, tank liquid level automatic control, no bottle no filling, no bottle no stamp function, and dial the star wheel card dislocation downtime, cover chute is short of cover in downtime, and other functions. 3, old soda production line adopts magnetic torque type screw LIDS, realize cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover, and does not cover, tight sealing is reliable. Horizontal rotary pneumatic GaiQi, with no damage to surface of bottle caps, hopper in the lack of cover signal automatically add cover, and other functions. If you want to know more information about the old soda production line, welcome to continue to focus on xinmao.
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