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Introduce the working process of the 883 three-in-one filling machine in detail

Introduce the working process of the 883 three-in-one filling machine in detail


Usually a whole filling machine has air conveyor, the host, cap sterilizer and a cap elevator. This ensure the integrity of the filling.

The first one is air conveyor, the air conveyor is usually connected with bottle blowing machine and 3in1 filling machine,or it can be connected with bottle unscramble and filling machine. it holds the bottle’s neck and constantly transports empty bottles to the filling machine, it mainly relies on air, we equip this part on air conveyor, it’s a new design with PP filter cotton to protect empty bottles from dust.This one is 3in1 washing, filling and capping machine, the model is 883, it has 8 washing heads, 8 filling heads, 3 capping heads. This one’s capacity is 2000-3000bph for 500ml bottle, this filling machine is one of hot sale product in our factory. It is also the first choice for automatic solutions that small and medium-sized enterprises want. This beverage machine can wash, fill and cap bottles in one body, firstly, let’s come to washing part, the washing part mainly has water spray nozzle, water pipe, and the clamp.

All these parts adopt SUS304, When bottle comes from the air conveyor, the clamp will clamp the bottle’s neck, and turn over the bottles, and then, the water spray nozzle sprays water form the water pipe, the whole washing time is about 5-6 seconds. Certainly, this time can be adjustable according to customer’s requirement.Speaking of adjustment, water pipe’s source can be clean air. Some customer want 4in1 filling machine, 4 means washing, drying, filling and capping , the structure of drying is same with washing part, the only difference is water pipe’s source, the source of washing’s part pipe is clean air, another one is clean water. After washing, the clamp will turn over the bottle again, and send them to the filling part.

Come to filling part, filling part mainly has liquid tank, filling value and liquid sensor inside. 

Let’s introduce one by one, firstly, liquid tank is totally-enclosed, all material is SUS304, it also has a visual glass to see the inside of the tank. About filling value, the is very stable, its filling precision within 1%. liquid sensor controls the liquid level in tank, how does it control?
Let me explain, the sensor has control stroke of 100 mm(mini meter), there is a floating ball on the liquid sensor. When it reaches the lowest level, it means the water is not enough in the tank ,so, the pump will start feeding water to the tank until it reaches the highest level, at that time, the pump will stop working, which means that there is enough water in the tank.



Final come to capping part, it mainly has capping head, capping bearing, cap channel, online cap sterilizer and cap elevator. 

Firstly, worker will put caps on the cap elevator,  and then cap elevator will transport caps to the online cap sterilizer, in this step, we have a special design. Here, we have a special design, that is, there will be no reverse cover phenomenon during transportation.If there has a reverse cap on the belt, it will fall down directly, and be transported again. Only the cap is the right direction on the belt of cap elevator. In that situation, the cap elevator will send caps to the online cap sterilizer. 

This one is online cap sterilizer, it is divided into three parts, disinfection water washing, clean water washing and clean air drying or steam sterilization.The small tank contains disinfectant water. After the disinfectant water washes the caps through this pipe,the disinfectant water will be recycled into the tank through another pipe.The second pipe is used to clean water washing, and the last pipe is used for drain.

After cap sterilization, caps are in order in the channel, and will be stand by here, here has a photoelectric detection, When bottled water is filling done, and comes here, the Photoelectric Detection detects bottle, it will give a signal to the cylinder, the cylinder will leave cap on the bottle, and the capping head will screw the cap quickly.This Photoelectric Detection ensures no bottle, no capping.


Speaking of Photoelectric Detection, on the cap channel, there has another one, it is used to detected the cap, if it detects cap on that position, it means that caps are enough for now, so, the cap elevator will stop working, it won’t send caps. If it doesn’t detect cap on that position, it means that caps are not enough, it will give a signal to the cap elevator, the cap elevator will start working again. All these part ensures the automatic Intelligent and fully automated machine.
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