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Ink printing machine

by:Xinmao     2021-04-11
Xinmao filling machinery manufacturers ink printing machine adopts full stainless steel case, IP55 protection standards, can resist the invasion of dust, suitable for a variety of operating conditions, the ink system and circuit control system independent space, avoid influence each other. Using solvent ink pumps, pump, recycle pump, circulating pump four valve pump design, USES the constant pressure of work, can complete multiple sets of ink automatic processing program. Using bionics research results of pump valve, it can work in the form of almost zero wear, compared to the gear pump longer life, low maintenance cost, low degree of degradation, ink ink use longer, reduce maintenance costs. Adopt independent recycling pump, stable enough recovery force, set up recycling filter, suitable for dust larger work environment. Boot first injection solvent, to avoid the boot inkjet water and instantly shot wide downtime, truly clean boot, greatly reduce the daily maintenance work. It has an independent solvent pump nozzle fully automatic cleaning, every time shut down automatically injection solvent cleaning nozzle and recycling line, ensure that the next boot when the nozzle and the ink line unimpeded, improve the stability of the equipment operation. Xinmao beverage filling machinery manufacturers ink printing machine adopt international advanced nozzle triple prevent technology, independent of the nozzle cleaning procedures ( Reverse cleaning solvent and spray cleaning) 。 Nozzle plate can be removed, alone in the ultrasonic container cleaning, can solve the problem of congestion.
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