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Indispensable lamp JianXiang beverage production line

by:Xinmao     2020-11-30
JianXiang beverage production line of lamp is indispensable in the beverage industry, and the lamp JianXiang is mainly suitable for transparent bottled liquid filling after quality inspection before packing, lights can be JianXiang intuitive tested suspended solids and sediments of the transparent bottle body, the content of impurities, such as foreign body, lamp JianXiang help inspector preliminary inspection product quality directly. Light inspection is also called light JianXiang, light inspection machine, light inspection equipment. Lamp JianXiang beverage machinery is mainly used for big barrel of water, a small bottle of water, the glass bottle solution body, oil, liquid production suspended material in the process of monitoring to the naked eye, can be used and filling machine form a complete set! Lamp JianXiang brightness moderate, easy operation, convenient maintenance, is the drinking water, beverage industry in the process of production related impurities such as special equipment of the related project check the bottle.
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