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In the beverage machinery automatic what are the characteristics of heat shrinkable film packaging machine?

by:Xinmao     2021-01-06
A, automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine scope of mineral water, beverages, beer, liquor, and the combination of infusion bottles and other products packaging, packaging need not tap, packaging products after fastening. Beautiful. Of beverage machinery, which is the distinguishing feature of automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine? Imported PLC program automatic control, stable performance and control precision automatic conveyor feed, unscramble bottle, contraction, cooling finalize the design flow of full automatic function. Film conveying the induction switch control, can control the length of film, reducing wear and tear. Conveyor motor adopts imported converter control, realize stepless regulation. Advanced spiral wind circulation structure, three layers of insulation, energy saving. Enhanced cooling stereotypes channel, can use quickly finalize the design product, convenient storage and transportation. Three, technical parameters, the machine External appearance size W2100 DimensionL5050 * * H2100 host machine packaging size Main W1080 MachineL1180 * * H2370 shrinking machine, thermo - Wind W1050 StoveL3890 * * H2040 The weight Total Weight1 tons of thermal shrinkage furnace size is The dimension of thermo - hot Max wind W920 stoveL3700 * * H1800 biggest packaging size. Packing Packing speed W400 SizeL600 * * H350 Packing Speed5 - 8 pack The speed of conveyor belt width Conveyor920 ( Adjustable 200). Working Power is Working Power 380 v three-phase five line 20 kw work pressure Working Pressure0. 6 - 0. 8Mpa
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