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How triad filling machine work

by:Xinmao     2021-03-18

how triad filling machine work 1, bottles by air conveying system through the star wheel dial bottle bottle sent to triad filling machine. Tuming machine back wheel is equipped with bottles clamp, clamp of bottle bottle along a guide rail turn 180 °, the bottle down. In a particular area tuming machine, nozzle blunt bottle of disinfectant or water, to wash the bottle inside. The bottle after rinse, drain in bottle clamp clamping down along the guide rail and then turn 180 °, the bottle up. After wash the bottle bottles in dial the bottle of star wheel by punching machine export and sent to the filling machine. Enter the filling machine board live bottle keep bottle by the bottleneck. Filling valve by valve lifting mechanism under the effect of CAM down and up. 2, filling pressure filling way. Open bottle filling valve down contact after finish filling process, and after the filling valve up leave the bottle, the bottle through the card bottleneck transition to dial into the screw cap machine. Stop screw cap on the screw knife stuck bottlenecks, to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. 3, screw in the screw cap on the modesty of revolution and rotation, implemented under the action of a CAM cover and set of cover, screw cap, cap off action, complete the whole process of block. Finished product bottle through a bottle thumbwheel from screw cap machine transferred to the bottle on the conveyor chain, a bottle of installed by the conveyor chain transfer out of the triad. Machine equipment adopts sealing window closed, sealing height above equipment high window, into and out of the bottle have proper channel, seal at the bottom of the window with exhaust slot.
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