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How to use the filling beverage in the process of food processing machinery? ( The latest modification)

by:Xinmao     2021-04-21
How to use the filling beverage in the process of food processing machinery? Sensitive to microbial product bottled technology is a challenge to the traditional, because there may be microbes may lead to the breeding of bacteria and mold, causing damage to the product color and taste. To solve the problem of the traditional method is to use hot filling, but hot filling technology there are many shortcomings, such as the container cost is high, the product for a long time exposure in the condition of high temperature causes the loss of flavor, and high energy consumption, etc. Cold aseptic filling over the years is considered to be a feasible alternative to hot filling method, this method USES a standard of lightweight bottle, not the heavier thermoforming containers, and hot filling is different, don't have to be asked for hot filling material to guarantee the health of the container, but by controlling the filling of the environment to ensure sanitation. However, although these sterile measures can keep drinks or food nutrition, still need to sterilization container itself, so still need higher investment and running costs, the typical sterile sterile water filling line need washing bottle, connection channel, washing machine, aseptic water generator and removal equipment, cleaning and sterilizing agent and the equipment needs higher cost of clean room contains inside, this will bring inconvenience to the operator. Aseptic filling concept integration is based on the specially designed SIPA bottle of ECS integration manufacturing system with Promomac aseptic filling equipment directly connected, simple is the main characteristic of this concept, PET bottle under aseptic condition produced from ECS integration devices, was immediately sent to the control room aseptic filling equipment. This system work in a few basic steps: 1, will be blowing good container sent to the filling equipment in a sterile environment. 2, aseptic filling. Integration of aseptic filling equipment cold filling products in the sterilization process, in addition to the bottle so as to shorten the cold filling production line, reduce the cost. In the traditional plant, container production was done in clean zone, so must to cleaning and sterilization containers before filling, the need to install and maintain the sterilization machine, aseptic water machine and washing machine, costs an arm and a leg. At the same time also will use a lot of sterilization agent. Sterilization effect depends on the container first pollution, but the container the original pollution levels will change along with the change of storage conditions. The use of this system reduces the equipment space occupancy, energy consumption, and do not use sterilization agent, thus greatly reducing the generation of waste. System from production to the final bottle gland in a controlled environment, rather than expensive sterile room, thus reducing the cost and increase the operator comfort. 3, on the precise integration of equipment production container, with resin particle production directly.
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