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How to use, maintenance and installation of beverage filling machine in the machinery, during need to pay attention to

by:Xinmao     2021-04-18
The use of a filling machine, beverage machinery, maintenance and installation instructions. 1, when the machine is adjusted, must will loose screw tight good, turn the machine by shaking the handle to see his action is in accordance with the requirements, can drive a car. 2, the machine must be kept clean, machine oil, liquid, or glass beads is not allowed, lest cause corrosion damage to the machine, so it must be: a, the machine in the process of production, timely removal solution or glass beads. B, the various parts of the machine surface shall be cleaned before succession again, and in all departments and cleaning lubricating oil. C, thrown scrub once a week, especially in common use were not easy to wipe clean the place or with compressed air blowing off. 3, because this filling machine is a automatic machine, pad so easy pull a bottle, bottle, cap size were required to be unified. 4, you must turn the machine by shaking the handle before driving, check whether the rotation has a different shape, really beg the normal can drive again. 5, and adjust the machine tool to use proper, it is forbidden to use too much tools or too hard to demolish parts to avoid damage to parts or affect machine performance. Machines installation note 1, 2, when unpacking the case, first check whether random technical information is complete, the machine is damaged in transportation, in order to solve. 2, will feed components and discharging components according to the shape of this manual is installed and adjusted. 3, all lubricating points would be the new lubricating oil. 4, turn the machine by shaking the handle, check whether the machine works in the right direction, In the face of motor spindle for counterclockwise) Grounding must be protected by the machine. Three, working principle, working principle and performance of 1: DY series filling machine is semi-automatic piston type filling machine. Extract and hit by cylinder, a piston material with one-way valve to control material flow, with the magnetic reed switch control cylinder stroke, can adjust the filling quantity. 2, performance: this company produces the semi-automatic piston single head liquid filling machine is manufactured in our company, on the basis of filling machine series, the introduction of foreign advanced filling machine technology, and has carried on the further reform and innovation, the more simple and reasonable structure, high precision, operating more simple, is the ideal choice of the high fill your company service
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