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How to reduce the risk when buying machinery to a minimum?

by:Xinmao     2021-04-17
How to reduce the risk when buying machinery and equipment to the lowest level ( Such as beverage machinery and equipment, plastic packaging machinery, etc. ) ? Here are some simple method is introduced: if the seller has been selected, and then the design scheme established, before quotation finalized, organize relevant personnel to discuss the company a. At this point, to develop the factory to provide the machine the completion of each stage of development. And work closely with them in order to realize the investment risk and its conditions. In order to achieve the purpose of timely dissolve the risk, should develop a management plan includes the following content. 1, the order enough quantity of important parts as soon as possible so as not to delay time to finish the plan. To attach importance to factory has rich experience of engineers and technicians, because they can provide valuable advice. If a white project team to participate in project development work, so they are most suitable for responsible for product test before delivery. They can become effective regulation in the group user company, have the effect of lower the risk of delay the production. The review to ensure that project smoothly. 2, by changing the input of parts or material, know when is most suitable for automation; 3, to develop a mechanical product test rig or a prototype; 4, recognition can be given more reputable factory production of each subsystem, such as stacking machine, filling machine, separator, detectors, tracking, etc. ;
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