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by:Xinmao     2021-04-17
The development of beverage machinery, successfully into the high-end market, mainly from the following four of face to face. A, improve production efficiency so that we can reduce the cost of the products, meet the delivery date. High-speed packaging machine requirements associated with before have cohesion, do not need to transport links, including control of cohesion, the whole production line according to arrange to do reverse order to start the production and packaging processes, order downtime. Such as automatic on-line cold filling production line from the plastic raw material to the beverage filling and large packaging stacking all automatically in a closed shop. 2, can be to adapt to changes in the renewal of the product packaging machinery to be highly flexible and flexibility, the size of the production line to allow in a certain range packaging size can change. Because the service life of the product life cycle is far shorter than the equipment, change of product and packaging not replace expensive packaging production line. Three, equipment common faults quickly ruled out solution in advance into the computer, when there is common fault equipment can diagnosis by oneself, also can implement remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. Four, requirements with functions of automatic identification on the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness of the packing material, hardness, resilience, etc. , through the computer feedback to the manipulator to adjust the movement range, guarantee not rebound. On the other hand, a variety of different products, such as shapes of chocolate or snacks, pack them in the same box, the arrangement is the rule. Production line transfer products is unordered, probe scan are available, and determine different shaped material position, then feedback to different manipulator, it can find the right items will put kindergarten plate according to the accurate position and direction, fast and exact, exclude the vision of manual operation and the fatigue of the fingers.
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