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How to make fizzy drinks beverage machinery equipment

by:Xinmao     2020-12-13
Carbonated drinks is refers to the floorboard of the soft drinks contain carbon dioxide, as a widely consumers to accept a drink, the making craft of it depends on the height of the beverage machinery and equipment. We all know that carbonated drinks is to add carbon dioxide, and the main factors affecting the co2 solubility in the liquid has two, one is the temperature of the liquid, 2 it is absolute pressure of the environment. The realization of the two conditions is inseparable from the device to create. First is the temperature conditions meet: the solubility of carbon dioxide gas in 0. 1 mpa, temperature is 15. 56 ℃, the volume of water can dissolve a volume of carbon dioxide; Selects the high performance of filling equipment, in does not affect the fear and maintenance under the premise of operation, as far as possible to shorten the distance between the filling and sealing, can reduce the waste carbon dioxide. Secondary filling process by mixing into the soda machine water cooled to 4 ℃ or so in advance, at 0. Under the 441 mpa carbonate; Put in a filling has degassing syrup and the mixture of water cooling to 16 ~ 18 ℃, at 0. 784 mpa mixed with carbon dioxide.
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