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How to guarantee the clean of soda filling machine in the production line

by:Xinmao     2021-04-18
How to guarantee the clean of soda production line filling machine in soda production line of filling machine is for washing, filling, sealing, suitable for all kinds of fruit juice, tea drinks hot filling production, replace a few parts at the same time, it can be used for pure water, mineral water filling. Production of 5000 - 24000 bottles/hour, for users to choose. Salt soda water filling machine adopts advanced micro gravity filling principle of negative pressure, filling fast, steady, accurate, and is equipped with perfect material flow system, also can realize independent return back to the gas, not contact with the material, reduce the secondary pollution of materials and oxidation. Do make sure to clean from several aspects, mainly include: keep pipeline cleaning, all piping and beverage indirect or direct contact with the pipe, in particular, should keep clean, once a week to scrub, water every day, every time sterilization; Ensure filling machine clean, valve of the beverage, drinks slot to scrub and sterilization, drink after the end of each class should be slice, join the disinfection sterilization, all parts in contact with the drinks are not fouling and miscellaneous bacterium, beverage filling equipment and other equipment, lubrication part of the filling machine and filling beverage part should prevent cross contamination, conveyor belt with special soap and water or oil lubrication to; Filling the container must be kept clean, the use of filling container must go through strict inspection and cleaning, cannot make beverage bottling contaminated; After zui keep filling workshop clean and tidy and very necessary. In place of the routine maintenance, let the normal operation of salt soda water filling machine in the process of production, to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. Thus soda production line filling machine maintenance is imperative!
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