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How to determine the competitiveness of the food and beverage industry

by:Xinmao     2021-04-18
At present our country food and beverage machinery industry most niche has said goodbye to the high speed growth, the future opportunity depends on bottom-up change judgment company competitiveness, on the one hand, including the long-term trend of the return on invested capital, on the other hand judge competition pricing changes resulting from changes in the industry and the stage mainly originates from monopoly profits growth. As a typical consumer goods, food and beverage machinery industry, from the Angle of industrial investment, brand the company's long-term stability of the return on invested capital is higher. First of all, from the perspective of demand, as the essential consumer goods, food and beverage of end periodic weak demand from other industries, high stability, probability of sustainable probability compared to other industries. Secondly, from the perspective of products, product differentiation is higher, differentiation means that the pricing power, pricing power means are likely to get higher earnings stability. Build long-term differentiation ability is consumer products of the company's long-term pursuit, where the company's core competitiveness. Generally depends on the function of product differentiation to gain excess return early, but consumer goods companies to build long-term and stable sources of differentiation is the brand. Finally, from the point of sales, food and beverage products generally belong to low-value and FMCG, for the mass consumers, general need depth distribution channel construction, capital threshold is not high. With high operating ability of the company can obtain higher turnover. In fact, the vast majority of food and beverage company not cost driven, belongs to the brand push pull or channels. Common consumer goods brand cycle time is not long in our country, in the context of global competition, the vast majority of food and beverage company branding process based on depth distribution and the corresponding advertising costs, so in the past, brand construction and channel system in our country as a whole. Part of the high-end liquor brands in China, and its brand attributes more special, growth mainly by activation of intangible assets, is the price in the history of its main sources. In general, the brand company can be divided into two categories: the mass brand and high-end brands. Mass-market brands tend to have higher cost performance, reduce the markup percentage between the factory and terminal, increase the industry chain turnover, thereby gaining a higher rate of return level. Another kind of popular products, one of the high-end product channels tend to keep higher profit space, and product gross margin, high-end product turnover level weak mass product, but the item profit ability is strong, the overall rate of return is also good. About the rate of return of growth analysis, the overall growth of the central because food and beverage industry is back, more consideration from the market competition pattern optimization of monopoly profits, this stage focus on pricing. Consumption upgrade will inevitably bring market competition pattern optimization shuffle. Most companies early in the process of the brand is a process of deepening market, cost of rising first, profits growth lags behind the cost, but the food and beverage companies account for fixed assets than is generally not high, the production cost is relatively rigid, breakthrough cost income scale point will bring scale effect to release. Good share important symbol is the city branding process and terminal shop goods rate rise. Early in the absence of a strong brand growth, the pricing is generally not strong, after the depth distribution is clearing the intensification of market competition, and brand, such as the air conditioning industry after 2000. After clearing the market competition structure, concentration of ascension brings a strong brand pricing power or rate decline. Consumer goods companies to remove the localization of the liquor company in our country, the vast majority of areas facing overseas brand high extrusion. Overseas brands due to historical and cultural accumulation for a long time, so consumer upgrade stage brand products high-end bottleneck problem of consumer goods in China, the popular brand higher turnover cost-effective route is rational. Overall, the food and beverage industry in the future need to adhere to the 'bottom-up' sophisticated research, research firm, like to the company to do physical examination, history, management and staff from the company background, product price and channel number data and reflected in the statements on the financial data analysis need to implement one by one. We believe that based on the research of the value of the company growth can increase the maximum investment odds!
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