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How to clean the pure water production line

by:Xinmao     2021-06-02
Pure water production line clean way can be roughly divided into three kinds: 1. Low pressure flush technology cleaning method in everyday life we flush the equipment in the use of pure water production line at the same time also, because of long time use will lead to pollution of pure water production line equipment equipment can't work normally. We should regularly by low pressure irrigation technology for cleaning equipment surface dirt. 2. Stop the equipment running protection long running equipment, reverse osmosis pure water equipment technology will fluctuate, pure water equipment once handle not ignore resulting in a decline in the membrane performance of the equipment, serious can lead to cannot use. We take protective measures in a short time, appropriate stop equipment running is also a method of cleaning to protect. 3. Membrane surface chemical cleaning method of pure water equipment is easy to be affected some microbes or inorganic cover operation ability, our ideal cleaning time is a semi-annual cleaning # #, if pure water equipment need to be cleaned every month # #, we need to adjust the parameters of equipment, improve the pretreatment system, pure water equipment of chemical cleaning for this film is also a way to protect the pure water equipment system.
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