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How hard to technology application in the food and beverage industry?

by:Xinmao     2021-04-18
The above said product number, bar code, logo or print, before invention of non-contact continuous spurt the code printer, often use silk screen printing machine, pad printing machine and even more primitive mechanical roller punch to complete printing. The result is that the text clarity is poor, laborious. Production efficiency is low, and because the quality of the products for printing quality is not high and lose more and more customers and consumers, make production enterprises suffer losses. Therefore in urgent need of advanced equipment to replace them. After scientists and technical workers in the many efforts, small spurt the code machine, paper carton printing Chinese characters machine has been developed. At present, the non-contact continuous spurt the code printer has become a change the backward situation of first choice. The small spurt the code machine is mainly used for smaller text. Spray line products such as digital and graphics. Digital and graphics such as spray printing on the outer packing carton. This non-contact printing ten consecutive two categories of printing machine is compared before printing equipment and technology, at least the following eight common advantages: 1, programming, fast and convenient, by computer or editing machine input the required Numbers, words, patterns and lines of information, such as change of print information, press the number only can be completed. 2, the character size adjustable: font width and height are all in the right range can be adjusted, also can be arbitrary bold font. 3, publishing several adjustable: publishing number in 1 & ndash; 5 lines is adjustable and can be arbitrary collocation. 4, spray printing speed: the fastest can spray print 800 characters per second, or 120 m/min. 5, the handwriting clear persistent: computer control, accurately spray print out the required Numbers, words. Design and barcode, etc. 6, application field widely, can match with any production line. Available in plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal and other materials, different forms of surface spray print trademarks, production date, specification, batch number, etc. 7, a high degree of automation: automatic implementation date. Change in the batch and serial number, unmanned jet printing process. 8, satisfy the special requirements: in invisible ink jet printing, will contact information or security identifier jet printing on the product perfectly. Because of non-contact fine print to spurt the code machine, carton printing characters machine is a computer and the crystallization of high-tech, it is of very high reliability, and software version is easy to upgrade, spray printing on product cost is very low, but also has more significant advantages. So the fine print to spurt the code machine, carton printing characters machine in food, beverage, tobacco, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, machinery parts and cable and other industries are widely used. Many famous spurt the code printer with historical fault record, even if failure, maintenance personnel can quickly find the cause of the problem, a quick fix. On the market at present the famous small spurt the code printer have Metronic Germany chuangli, VIDEOJET the wei di jie, Imaje France and, DOMINO DOMINO Britain. EBS Germany will express, its performance and quality also is pretty good. Famous carton printing Chinese characters machine with EBS Germany yi will bring new da jia jie, lINX Britain, etc. Product recommendation: beverage machinery, carbonated beverage equipment
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