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How filling equipment to make filling by interference decrescent

by:Xinmao     2021-05-28
Filling equipment have different filling materials, divided into normal pressure filling equipment and filling of high viscosity, high viscosity filling equipment is affected by liquid level and pressure is relatively small, but whether the materials cylinder suction roll out each size, still is strongly influenced by external factors; Atmospheric pressure filling equipment control filling time is fixed, so demand flow per unit time should be the same size to ensure accuracy. As long as the air pressure, the liquid level changes can have a great influence on dose, what method is not affected by the external factors of control? Flow measurement: in the middle of the container to the discharging mouth install this device, when filling, 螚 accurately calculate the flow through the material much; Flow speed, diameter size has no effect on measuring doses, such control, pressure the size of a small change has no effect on the filling accuracy is. Filling equipment filling not affected by the external factors, can flow metering method to control, such as the above flow measurement is introduced.
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