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Homogenizer the advantage of the sugar jar and stainless steel

by:Xinmao     2021-04-21
Xinmao machinery to provide you with beverage production line, the following is about the homogenizer and sugar pot introduces a stainless steel. Homogenizer 1. Stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible, can be continuous use, the material can be super fine dispersion, emulsification. Can be widely used in industrial production of emulsion, homogeneous, and scattered. 2. Can make the material liquid in the research. Under the action of strong shock and the expansion of the triple pressure loss make material qualitative mixed refining. This equipment is of great importance in food, dairy products, beverage and other industrial equipment. 3. In milk, soybean milk and other kinds of dairy drinks, homogeneous under high pressure, can make the liquid dairy fat ball significantly refine, make its products after eating easy to digest absorb, improve the use value. 4. Used in ice cream and other products of the production, can improve the fine clean degree of material liquid and gas porosity, make its inner quality has improved significantly. 5. Used in the emulsion. Glue. Fruit juice. Slurry production, such as can help prevent or reduce material liquid layers, appearance of material liquid, make it more bright-coloured colour and lustre, fragrance more thick, more alcohol taste. two Sugar pot 1 stainless steel. This equipment is composed of cylindrical stainless steel inner cylinder head heat transfer sandwich pot body formation. The outside packing in polished stainless steel. Dissolved and cold water in the pot, steam into the interlayer, in order to achieve the purpose of heat to melt. With interlining unicom pressure gauge mounted on the pipe into the relief valve, so that the pressure in the determination of interlayer, and ensure the safety in production. 2. Stainless steel mixing tank according to the requirement of the production process design and configuration can be standardization and humanization. Agitation tank can be realized in the process of mixing material control, discharge control, mixing control, etc. 3. The equipment could be selected according to the requirements of the user product process of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, and to set heating, cooling device, in order to satisfy different process and production. The equipment of reasonable structure design, advanced technology, durable, and large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, huai boiling time is short, the heating temperature easy to control etc. , is an ideal of less investment, fast production, high yield of chemical equipment.
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