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Highly automated bottled pure water production line

Highly automated bottled pure water production line


With the continuous advancement of technology, the bottled pure water production line has become more and more advanced, and the production efficiency has also been greatly improved. Now many companies that need to expand their production scale have begun to pay attention to the pure water production line. The production line plays an important role in food, medicine and daily chemical production enterprises.

Main features of bottled pure water production line:

1. The purified water production equipment adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane, which has high desalination rate, long service life and low operating cost.

2. Bottled pure water production line adopts automatic pretreatment system to realize unmanned operation.

3. Adopt Southern special pump booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable.

4. Online water quality monitoring and control of equipment for bottled pure water production line, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety.

5. Fully automatic electronic control program, and optional touch screen operation, easy to use.

6. Personalized design that suits the local water quality to meet the needs in all directions.

Bottled pure water production line equipment is mainly used in the production of washing, filling, sealing, sleeve labeling and packaging of small bottles of mineral water. The whole production line has high degree of automation, simple and fast adjustment; the production line runs smoothly and is easy to maintain; the stand-alone machine can work independently and has high stability; it can meet the filling of various specifications of bottle types and effectively save costs.

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