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High-end will be the only way for the development of beverage machinery in our country

by:Xinmao     2020-11-22
Beverage machinery and equipment by the early 1980 s in China depend on import, development to today's fully able to meet the needs of the domestic beverage manufacturers, take an technology introduction, digestion, absorption and independent innovation, gradual localization of the road. Compared with the advanced technology abroad, beverage processing in our country, there are product specification is complete, complete sets of poor, single machine performance is not stable, low level of automation and control, advanced technology application less faults and weaknesses. International trade is frequent, foreign beverage machinery giant poured into the Chinese market, foreign acquisitions of Chinese enterprises in accelerating action, these makes the weakness of domestic beverage machinery enterprise more obvious. The domestic development of narrow prevented the whole industry chain extension, it is difficult to form systematic, serialization of development. The lack of brand consciousness makes domestic beverage machinery industry was born not the famous brand enterprise and star products. The current beverage machinery industry has begun to upscale places into order, made by traditional cottage before turning to the brand enterprise design, brand products more and more get the welcome of the new middle-class consumers. The expected future beverage machinery market, or have permanent development potential. High-end will be the only way for the development of beverage machinery in our country, high-end machinery development will enter the fast lane. Companies to go green and efficient way, the first thing to resource conservation road, transform development patterns, abandon the single extensive development model, with the help of a high-end beverage machinery to enhance product quality and enterprise competitiveness. As markets open and beverage machinery industry in our country and the world process is accelerated, highland high-end products will be the international competition of market, set security and technology in the integration of machinery product will be the mainstream of the future.
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