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High-end drinks beverage machinery to meet the demand of development

by:Xinmao     2020-11-21
Beverage machinery and equipment in China & ndash; — The technology import, digestion, absorption and innovation, gradually localization. Compared with advanced foreign technology, beverage processing in our country, the product specification is complete, there are complete, the low level of automation and control, single machine performance is not stable, less advanced technology application of faults and weaknesses. Product technical level on the whole, obviously lower than the advanced level of developed countries, only 10% of the products can reach the level of developed countries in the early 90 s. Bottle filling production line of washing machine, bottle sterilizer and loss system, its overall performance and the technical level at or near the level of the same products abroad. Beverage processing machinery in China can meet the general requirements of beverage production enterprise, but not completely satisfy the development of the beverage industry, especially fruit and vegetable beverage pre-treatment equipment manufacturing level is not high. There are three main reasons: one is the industrial foundation is bad, the enterprise independent development ability is not high, & other; Purpose & throughout; The & other; Five years & throughout; National small investment, the enterprise can only short, flat, fast product development in order to survive, due to the low malignant competition products; Secondly, because of the serious shortage of funds, high technical content of products, enterprise can't put money into the development; 3 it is part of the enterprise does not pay attention to product quality, less technical input, processing equipment stale, combined with the basic parts, accessories quality closes nevertheless, thus affecting the reliability of the machine. Experts say, beverage machinery manufacturing industry in our country must be combined with their own actual, draw lessons from the advanced technology, combined with practical experience, actively explore new technology, new technology development, the production of high-end products to participate in international competition. High-end beverage machinery and the trend of The Times, at the same time, also only high-end drinks can meet the needs of the rapid development of beverage machinery.
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