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Health drinking water, a drinking water safety concern

by:Xinmao     2021-03-07
A, the relevant laws, regulations and standards for domestic and drinking water for domestic and drinking water is of drinking water and domestic water for human life. Drinking water main health laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, the water act of the People's Republic of China, the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of water pollution, regulations on the urban water supply, drinking water hygiene supervision and management measures. Drinking water standard 'drinking water health standards' ( GB 5749) And secondary water supply facilities health standards ( GB 17051) , surface water environment quality standard ( GB 3838) , the groundwater quality standard ( GB / T 14848) , the urban residents living water consumption standard ( GB / T 50331) , chemical treatment agent for domestic and drinking water hygiene safety evaluation standard ( GB 17218) , ShuPeiShui equipment and protective materials for domestic and drinking water safety evaluation standard ( GB 17219) And so on. Drinking water hygiene standards from protect people health, the definition of the water environment and contact wading products of the various factors affecting population health or sensory ( Physics, chemistry, biology) , to make the value of the provision in the form of law, and to realize the value of legal norms, approved by the relevant state departments, and released in the form of certain statutory health standard. Legal effect on hygienic standards for drinking water drinking water hygiene standards belongs to the compulsory standards, the force of law in the law of the People's Republic of China criminal law 'the three hundred and thirtieth regulation: & other; ( A) Drinking water provided by a water supply unit is not in conformity with the provisions of the state health standards throughout the &; ,“ Spread caused a class infectious diseases spread or a grave danger, shall be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than three years but not more than seven years. ” In the law of the People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases stipulated in article 29: & other; Used for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases of disinfection products, drinking water supply unit safety in drinking water and drinking water hygiene products, shall meet the national hygiene standards and the hygiene standard & throughout; 。 Published in 2006 in China 'drinking water health standards' ( GB5749) The characteristics of the 2006 'drinking water health standards' ( GB5749) Is the one of zui important drinking water hygiene standards in our country, compared with the old health standard in 1985, the characteristics of the new standards are ( 1) Project: increased greatly increased from the original item 35 to 106 items, including organic pollutants, pesticides, disinfectants and its by-product increase more; ( 2) Hazard index is strict to the human body, such as lead, cadmium, etc; ( 3) Water supply industry of microbial organic toxic pollutants as the key point of control; ( 4) Drinking water quality standard integrating with the world level, to overcome the existing 'standard' the less water quality indicators project, some index, wider, water quality requirement of index one size fits all. Second, and related nouns and definition of centralized water supply for domestic and drinking water since the water concentration of water, by ShuPeiShui pipe network to the user or public water supply of water points, including the self-built water supply facilities. To provide users with daily drinking water tank station and residents for public places, community to provide water also belong to the centralized water supply. Secondary water supply before entering a store again, centralized water supply pressure and disinfection or deep processing, transport to the user through a pipe or container of water supply. Rural small centralized water supply, water supply under 1000 m3 ( Or water supply population under 10000 people) Centralized water supply in rural areas. Decentralized water supply users directly from water to water, without any facilities or just simple facilities of water supply. Products related to health and safety of drinking water and hereinafter referred to as wading products, refers to the drinking water production and distribution of contact with the water used in the process of water pipes, pipe fittings, water storage containers, connection material, mechanical parts, protective coating and lining, chemical treatment agent, water processor ( Including filtration, disinfection, softening, fluorine, arsenic removal, etc. ) , water treatment materials, and due to soluble substances in dissolution and may pose a threat to human health products. Waterborne diseases refers to the infectious disease, endemic disease caused by drinking water and toxic disease. In our country is mainly refers to the intestinal infectious disease that spreads through the water, caused by endemic fluoride and arsenic in drinking water and so on, and caused by certain chemicals in drinking water and toxic disease.
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