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Glass non-gas beverage filling machine is a kind of advanced level such as pressure tank of installed equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-04-09
Glass bottle non-gas beverage filling machine is according to the technological requirements of beverage cans, introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology as the foundation, innovation development and become a kind of pressure canning machine equipment and so on the advanced level, it is mainly used for non-gas beverage such as carbonated drinks, cola, sparkling wine is canned. It has the advanced structure, work balance, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation, the characteristics of high production efficiency. Scope of application: suitable for glass bottle carbonated beverage, soda water, sparkling wine, cocktail, beer, beverage production. Glass bottles of non-gas beverage filling machine production line: unscramble bottle machine, pneumatic conveying system, early deployment of triad system and glass bottle filling machine ( Salt bottle, filling and sealing machine) , dry machine, sets of shrinkage marking machine ( Labeling machine) Chartered, shrink film, Automatic packing machine) , palletizing machines, conveyors, etc. Glass non-gas beverage filling machine features: 1, the whole machine adopts hanging card bottleneck operation mode design, which makes the whole line running function is more reliable, overcame due to bottle wall thin, bottle height error factors of the machines will not operate properly. Change the bottle type convenient and quick. 2 advanced technology, the introduction of Germany, Italy, the United States. On the principle of isobaric filling, filling speed, liquid level control. Silos is fully enclosed structure, is equipped with CIP interface. 3, using magnetic torque type screw LIDS, realize cover, screw cap. Screw cover torque stepless adjustable, reliable sealing tight. 4, horizontal rotary pneumatic GaiQi, with no damage to cap surface, inside the hopper by automatic cover etc. Function. 5, the whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen button, and there is short of cover, overload protection and alarm device, timely detection and troubleshooting, high degree of automation of production. 6, has a perfect cleaning management system, to ensure the quality of filling before washing. 7, transform bottle shape, need to replace the star wheel and arc plate can be realized, the operation is simple and convenient. 8, a perfect overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine and operator safety. 9, the control system has the water level automatic control, lack of cap the bottle and automatic stop alarm and alarm detection class output count, and other functions.
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