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Glass connection mode and principle of gland sealing machine

by:Xinmao     2021-05-27
Bo rui bottle of gland seal and sealed with aluminum extrusion round cap fastening connection mode. It USES elastic seal gasket cylinder cap type aluminum pot. Wear in the seal on the bottle. The gland extrusion processing. Make bottle mouth sealing gasket between the cover and produce elastic compression deformation, at the same time make the aluminum cap squeezed into the lock cylinder mouth parts produce plastic deformation. With the bottle into squeezing the contact between the sealing flange. A mechanical connection. Sealing gasket between the cap and put the bottle mouth of the elastic deformation of the hold. Get sealed connection. For this kind of gland seal machine extrusion head by gland spindle, pressure head, extrusion die, extrusion ring, ring gasket, etc. When the gland by applying pressure capping machine. Gland spindle pressed aluminum cover tightly on the bottle. Head pressure extrusion ring and extrusion ring made of elastic and rheology of good material. Such as rubber, plastic. Extrusion ring compression head pressure elastic deformation occurs. Extruded aluminum cap cylindrical surface, prompting them to stick on to the surface of the sealing connection of the bottle. Shrinkage deformation. With the bottle seal structure constitute fastening flange mechanical connection, realize the gland seal.
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