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Glass bottle filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-04-08

glass bottles of juice beverage bottle filling production line of fruit juice production line by dial wheel rotation to blunt bottle, bottle open clamp, clamp bottle. Bottle holder by rail to flip 180 °, the bottle down. Hangzhou nanfang special pump sending pure water pump to bottle machine baffle plate, realize from down to up to high pressure washing bottle inside, the flush time is about 3 - 5s。 After the wash, and then the 180 °, counterclockwise will bottle down, by the rotating wheel to filling part. Blunt bottle body composed of SUS304 stainless steel welding, assembly as a whole. Bottle holder adopts integral structure, each a bottle clamp is made from a single piece of stainless steel materials, after processing center. Every screws used Taiwan famous brand: TONG east. Mechanical part adopts copper sleeve, increase abrasion resistance. Glass bottle filler filling is composed of a number of filling valve. Filling bottle rotation into the part, the upper part of the filling valve CAM control the rise and fall of the filling valve. When the filling valve down, filling valve open; When the filling valve rises, the valve closed. Filling mechanism is the micro pressure filling way. The advantages of this approach lies in the level of accuracy, regardless of the filling amount of 250 ml or 1500 ml, can achieve full filling. So not only can this type of CGF trine all-in-one water, also can pour juice. The filling valve, adopts the most advanced domestic juice filling valve, the overall sus304 stainless steel material is qualitative, meet the national drinking water standards. Screw cap part by magnetic rotation torque screw LIDS and screw cap machine machinery as a whole. Mechanical structure parts for red copper material, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, low noise, etc. Screw cover part of the fastest speed can reach fifteen thousand to eighteen thousand bottles per hour. Covering the whole design is bigger, can be carried out according to different size of the lid, maximum diameter of 40 mm. Spin covering design for magnetic torque type, with different size, different thread of the lid which can adjust the torque. Adjust the convenience simple, so long as adjust the location of the screw torque. The most striking feature of the screw cap machine for catching cover type screw cap. Photoelectric switch to detect the bottle, signals to PLC computer system that put cover by the bottom cover installation, spin after covering accurate grasp the lid, to seal the bottle. PLC computer control, achieve no bottle no cover, no bottle no block, without cover the advantages of automatic stop.
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