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Glass bottle beverage production line analysis of drinks are packed in glass bottles what advantage

by:Xinmao     2021-04-05
Drinks in glass bottles packaging glass bottle beverage production line analysis what advantage with the development of national economy and people's living standard is increasing day by day, the fast development of beverage industry in China, especially of beverages, already by the 70 s before a single glass bottles of soda, development to today carbonated drinks, natural drinks flowers bloom. Beverage packaging industry also emerged diversified trend, broke the glass containers in the past a single monopoly market structure, metals, plastics, paper and other materials have been applied in beverage packaging, metal cans, PET bottle, PP bottle package, tetra pak, sig, roof package, black and white film packaging. According to statistics, China's annual drinks the basic trend of increased year by year, in a double-digit percentage growth rate, about 10% ~ 20%, is zui fast food industry in the development of one of the industry. At present, the domestic beverage market popular mainly containing pulp fruit juice, fruit fiber class, low sugar or no sugar tea beverage, and bottled water products, such as the growth in 2007 is expected to zui fast beverage products will be low sugar or no sugar drinks, all kinds of flavors of tea drinks and fruit and vegetable, flower of health drinks. As product elaboration and development trend of the segment, consumer groups for different drinks beverage market will be more colorful. Accompanied by the emergence of a variety of beverage type, beverage packing industry is developing rapidly, broke the glass container single monopoly market pattern, metal containers, plastic containers, paper container, there appeared a beverage packaging shows diversified development trend. Fizzy drinks and pure water, mineral water, beverage, after many years of accumulation of market, the market has been stable, beverage cans of Coca-Cola classic image of packaging easily shaken, and mineral water beverage want to have a certain share in the market, only on the design of the PET bottle type and capacity do change, suitable for family and 2 l packaging of food consumption in recent years a strong market. A, bottles of glass is a kind of has a long history of packaging materials, glass and China 's traditional beverage packaging container. In a variety of packaging materials under the condition of flood the market, glass containers are still occupies an important position in the beverage packaging, this is because it has other packing materials irreplaceable characteristics, began to dramatically reduce usage. Glass packaging container main characteristic is: nontoxic, odorless, transparent, beautiful, good barrier property, airtight, abundant raw materials, the price is low, and can be used repeatedly turnaround. And has the advantages of resistance to heat, pressure and cleaning as well as high temperature sterilization, low temperature storage. Because it has many advantages, therefore become fruit tea, wild jujube juice and many other beverage container to demand higher material. But of glass packaging container also has some disadvantages: mainly from the big, easy to damage, the high cost of transportation, printing and other secondary processing performance is poor, lead to use began to sharply reduce, large supermarket shelves today has been basically can't see the beverage of using glass container, in schools, small shops, dining room, restaurant and places of consumption is not high, to see the cheap glass bottled carbonated drinks, soy milk and herbal tea. Two metal cans is divided into two pieces, metal cans, beverage packaging cans and three cans. More than two cans is given priority to with aluminum alloy plate, used for carbonated beverage packaging; And three cans with tin plating steel sheet ( Tin) Give priority to, usually for containing no carbon dioxide gas beverage packaging. Metal cans as beverage packaging has the following advantages: one is to have excellent blocking performance. Not only can cut off the gas, can also drag the light, this characteristic can make the drink has a longer shelf life. Second, with excellent mechanical properties, mainly displays in the resistance to high temperature, humidity, pressure and resistance to pests, the erosion of harmful substances. 3 it is not easy to damage, easy to carry, to adapt to the fast pace of modern society life. Four is good surface decoration, can stimulate consumption, promote sales.
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