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Glass bottle beverage production line analysis of composition and function of various kinds of drinks

by:Xinmao     2021-04-05
Glass bottle beverage production line analyses the composition and functions of all kinds of drinks in the market now drink total class more and more, but all kinds of drinks contain ingredients and nutrition is not the same, aiming at the common focus of drinks in the market under the component analysis, so that you have certain knowledge of drinks when buy. Carbonated drinks: after purification of drinking water in medium voltage into carbon dioxide, and add a sweetener and flavoring beverages. 5% of the carbonated soft drinks ( Such as orange juice, soda, pineapple, etc. ) ; 5% of the carbonated soft drinks ( Such as orange soda, lemonade, etc. ) ; Cola, coke, lemon, laurel, essence, and caramel color or other similar spicy fruit aroma mixed fizzy drinks, Such as Coca Cola soda) ; Other type, besides the above three types of carbonated soft drinks ( Such as soda, salt soda water, etc. ) 。 The drink besides glycogen other nutrients few or no other nutrients. Because it contains carbon dioxide, digestion, and can promote the body heat discharge, have cool and refreshing feeling refreshed, and have certain sterilization function, also can supplement moisture. Is to use mature moderate fruit drink: fresh or frozen fruit as raw material, the mechanical processing of fruit juice or mixed fruit juice products, or sugar, citric acid and other ingredients of the proceeds of the products. The finished product can be directly drinking or diluted drinking. This kind of drink is divided into the original juice, fresh fruit juice, juice concentrate and fruit syrup, etc. Fruit juice beverage is an ideal drink, rich nutrition and easy to digest and because contains rich organic acids, can stimulate gastric secretion, digestion, still can make the upper small intestine acidic helps the absorption of calcium, phosphorus. But also because of fruit juice containing certain moisture, is not stable, easy fermentation, mildew, so it is important to pay special attention to such drinks shelf-life and storage conditions, etc. , and conform to the hygiene quality person before drinking. One or more vegetable juice beverages: fresh vegetable juice ( Or frozen vegetable juice) , fermented vegetable juice add salt or sugar and other ingredients, the degassing, homogeneous and the various vegetable juice products obtained after sterilization has certain nutrients. Contain milk beverage: include (1) with fresh milk or dairy products as a raw material, add in sugar, fruit juice, Or water, cocoa, coffee) , edible flavoring and coloring and other ingredients of beverage; (2) fresh milk or milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria or yeast, sugar, edible essence ingredients, such as a paste or liquid products, made by water as the raw material of drinks. Vegetable protein beverage, soybean by purification, grinding, and residue, adding ( Or not to join) Flavor agent ( Sugar, milk, coffee, cocoa, fruit and vegetable juice, colorants and edible flavor, etc. ) , after sterilization, deodorization and homogeneous of drinks. It contains plant protein and other nutrients, with bean milk products characteristic flavor and odor. Quality of natural mineral water, in compliance with health standards, good flavor when drinking, has a unique sense of sweetness. Contain beneficial to human body micro elements such as iron, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese, fluoride, etc. Some of the harmful elements contained in the mineral water must be treated after removing, conform to the requirements of the national standard is approved for sale. Has the pure water and distilled water are on the market and natural mineral water: health standard for distinguishing water to drink. Sports drinks: this is targeted at sports and developed a kind of drink, can complement the human body for strenuous exercise sweat has lost of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and carbohydrates, break from fatigue and temperature rise caused by the consumption. This drink is also apply to the labor intensity of workers, as well as the hot summer sweat more toil. Solid beverage: with sugar ( Or no sugar) , fruit juice, Or without juice) , plant extract, and other ingredients as raw materials, processed into powder, granule or block the salt dissolving after drinking products. Such as instant coffee, hose, chrysanthemum, summer SangJu a blunt liquid and solid drink cool tea. Such drinks are easy to carry, for saving, convenient blunt, speck. Alcoholic beverages: more see have beer and sparkling wine, 3 & ndash; 5 c alc) And so on. Beer is divided into fresh beer and beer. Beer is as the main raw material from malt, rice, millet as auxiliary materials, such as add hops, yeast fermented beverage. Because of wheat germ contains rich protein, after saccharification into amino acids, can be directly absorbed; Sugar fermentation generated alcohol and carbon dioxide, helps digestion and help the body send out quantity of heat; Hops have antibacterial, diuresis and sedation. Other drinks, such as health care beverage ( Mainly enriched nutrients and other substances) And tea drinks ( Including all kinds of cold tea drinks) , cool tea beverages ( Like summer SangJu, wang ji beverages) And all kinds of cold drinks beverage and so on. Changing drinks and variety, this paper make a simple introduction, only no longer tired.
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