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Glass bottle beverage production line, a beverage machinery health work

by:Xinmao     2021-05-02
Glass bottle beverage production line, a beverage machinery health work in recent years, the beverage machinery industry in China showed the high growth of striking. As a in rapid development and has broad prospects of traditional areas, some issues which can affect the industry development in the future is worth attention. Is first drinks of health problems, in recent years, countries have successively promulgated a lot of diet health related system! 1, every contact beverage equipment, tools, and containers, must adopt non-toxic, no smell, no water absorption, easy to clean material, surface should be smooth, no pits and cracks. Fixed equipment should be installed to facilitate cleaning and disinfection. With product safety, good open, good clean and easy to check. 2, mechanical material health requirements: 2. 1 does not contain toxic and harmful substances. Request the material does not contain harmful to human body of arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium and other heavy metals and organic compounds such as benzene, phenol, vinyl chloride monomer or the content of hazardous substances conforms to the regulations, the standard of set limit to, make sure that the material in contact with acid, alkali, oil food, poisonous and harmful ingredients do not transfer or transfer to the food, and cause no effects on human health. 2. 2 tasteless materials is to avoid food odor absorption and change the original flavor of the food. Unpleasant or excitative smell can transfer directly to the food or in contact with acid, alkali, oil at the time of a lot of food to food, lose food and edible value. 2. 3 not bibulous. Water absorption material is not easy to clean, microorganism is easy to grow on the surface, causing the bacterial contamination of food. 2. 4 corrosion resistance. Request material in acid, alkali, salt, chlorine in organic solvent in the chemical properties such as stability, does not corrode or dissolution, and heat resistance usually made of stainless steel materials. 2. 5 no deformation. Material is hard, wear resistance, impact resistant, not easy to damage. 2. 6 clean meet hygiene requirements. After finished product in the production and processing to remove rubbish and dirt, and keep clean.
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