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Glass bottle beverage filling equipment function is more and more perfect

by:Xinmao     2021-04-07
Glass bottle beverage filling equipment is more and more complete glass bottle beverage filling equipment material directly after mixed with carbon dioxide gas pipelines in glass bottle beverage filling machine in the hydraulic cylinder, adopts the principle of isobaric filling liquid filling. Drinks in glass bottles containing gas production equipment, the bottle by the chain plate conveyer into glass bottles containing gas beverage filling machine ( Industry commonly known as triad pressure filling machine etc. ) , which in turn was carried out on the bottle washing, filling and capping. After block of semi-finished products by conveyor belt output, in turn, after inspection, Human eye to detect the bottle inside presence of impurities, completes each security defense) , warm bottle machine ( Materials are used to the bottle temperature 3 ℃ temperature to room temperature, or air, heated bottle wall will produce a lot of dew, wet after packing boxes) , blow drying machine ( For then blow dry the water on the bottle) , spurt the code machine, Used to play on the date of production) , label making machine ( Divided into sets of label and labeling, according to the bottle and decide) , packing machine, Divided into membrane charter flights and carton packaging machine, according to the actual situation and decide) 。 Briefly describes the development trend of glass bottle beverage filling equipment industry: 1, muti_function change: a body multi-purpose, adapt to a variety of liquids, a variety of bottle filling and sealing. For tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and fruit drinks and other beverages hot filling, can also be used for glass bottle and pet bottle filling. 2, high speed, high quality, high precision, toward large-scale development: in order to adapt to the beverage industry, mass production for the need of zui better economic benefits, beverage equipment is more and more tend to be large. Such as carbonated beverage filling equipment filling speed zui high up to 2000 cans/min, H and K company, Germany SEN corp, the KRO - NES company, its filling equipment filling valve Numbers, respectively, up to 165 head, 144 head, 178 head. Non-carbonated drinks equipment Numbers have a 50 - filling valve Zui 100 heads, the filling speed up to 1500 cans/min. 3, mechanical and electrical integration: this is the current zui important trend in the development of glass bottle beverage filling equipment. Programmable controller is widely used in control system of beverage machinery and equipment, large-scale equipment using computer control, fault self diagnosis, signs, realized the intellectualized. Production equipment, with high technical content, high reliability, full production line of high automatic control level and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters of the measurement. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Beverage packaging equipment reliability and the coordination of packaging line, directly affect the work efficiency of the whole production line, production cost and product quality.
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