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Generation machine concepts into food packaging industry to meet the golden opportunity

by:Xinmao     2021-02-11
With the rapid development of economy, food packaging industry in the future market is huge. However, China's food and packaging machinery industry as a whole, there are many deficiencies, machine generation concept to or can break the industry bottleneck, push food packaging industry's big step forward. In recent years, China's high speed development of food processing industry, food processing industry development will inevitably lead to the development of food and equipment. Food equipment industry's development and progress for the development of food industry provides the material basis and technical guarantee and promote food industry technology progress, in the development of food industry plays an important role. As a food and beverage packaging machine industry to provide equipment for food industry, formed in the late seventy s of the 20th century and the early eighty s, after the rapid development of the eighty s, ninety s rapid growth, through the introduce, digest absorb, localization of production, has now entered the structure adjustment and upgrade product quality, improve the innovative ability of critical period. In recent five years by 11% a year - food packaging machinery industry An average of 12% growth rate, food and beverage machinery in 2002 the industry output value of nearly 40 billion yuan, has become one of the leading industry, mechanical industry system meets the need of food industry in our country. At present our country has been packing equipment manufacturers more than 5000, annual output of more than 20 sets of products up to more than 3700 kinds, except to meet domestic needs, there is a certain amount of exports. With the rapid development of economy, the future market is huge. According to the forecast, from 2011 - In 2015, China food and packaging machinery gross value of industrial output is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate remained at 18% level, the rising demand for food diversification, multi-level, will provide a good development opportunity for food packaging industry and space. But, our country food and beverage packaging machinery industry as a whole, there are some shortcomings, mainly reflected in the quality of products, science and technology level gap, the gap between the gap standardization, management level, etc. , these is the main bottleneck restricting the development of food equipment industry in our country. And the food industry in our country enterprise organizational structure also has changed significantly. The number of the large-scale food and beverage manufacturing industry, workers, the average number of different degrees of growth. Demand for food and beverage industry practitioners in China increased sharply, the shortage of the Labour market and manufacturing orders increased the contradiction between emerging, forcing firms to consider automation technology is used to solve a problem, to raising labor productivity and product quality standards. Therefore, the machine substitution concept was introduced. Machine substitution in simple terms, is to use machine to replace artificial, with modernization and automation equipment upgrade traditional industries, using manipulator, brake control equipment or pipeline automation of intelligence technology innovation of enterprises, implementation of downsizing, efficiency, quality, safety purposes. Machine substitution key idea essence is: the equipment renewal as the carrier of technology innovation, process innovation and management innovation; The core is: use of advanced production technology and equipment to replace the old equipment, improve labor productivity; Purpose is: change the past rely on low-cost labor model of development, greatly reduce low-skilled repetitive human labor. Guangdong starr technology is machine substitution representative enterprise, the company's business has expanded to all over the world, Rio starr has been and will continue to practice of unmanned factory, workshop no lamp machine substitution principle. At present, the structure of the labor shortage in China now manufacturing costs rising sharply. Automation can push forward food packaging industry, life for the people and strive to provide more efficient living habits!
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