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GD series constant pressure filler is defined and its parameters description!

by:Xinmao     2021-03-19
A, beverage machinery in GD series constant pressure filler is what, what are the characteristics? GD series constant pressure tank installed in the introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign advanced technology as the foundation, according to China's beverage canned process to beg, innovation development and become a kind of advanced level canned equipment, it is mainly used for non-gas beverage such as carbonated drinks, cola, sparkling wine is canned. It has the advanced structure, smooth working, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation, the characteristics of high production efficiency. Is an ideal canned to small and medium-sized beverage factory equipment. Second, the model parameters of the model of GD - 12 gd - 18 gd - 24 gd - Production capacity of 800-32 2000B/H1200- 3000B/H2000- 5000B/H3000- 8000 b/H power 1. 1 kw1。 5 kw1。 5 kw2。 2 kw dimension 1060 & times; 1200× 1900年mm1280× 1100× 2000mm1500× 1280× 2000mm1900× 1500× 2000 mm 1500 kg1800kg2700kg3300kg weight
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