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Gas beverage filling machine before the start of what need to debug

by:Xinmao     2021-04-27
1, first of all, unscrew automatic filling machine nut and adjustment screw make changed the position of the fixed link. Thus syringe push-pull length also get change, reach the goal of packing amount adjusted freely. Screw clockwise to adjust for increment, decrement, conversely pointer how instructions. 2, will immediately after the adjusting nut and tighten, make the fixed link and the crank set firmly. 3, unscrew nuts, according to different syringe push-pull length to determine the correct position of the fixed link. Under fixed link after adjusted the crank turns a syringe to top dead center, the syringe outer casing levelled up again about 2 mm, in order to avoid bad needle, then after nut tighten, to boot. 4, gas beverage filling machine assembly and turn on the switch, the machine work, pulled by the crank to drive syringe and infusion, adjust speed knob, select the appropriate packing speed, began to normal work, adjust the speed knob, clockwise packing speed, slow speed and vice. The company's main: juice filling machine, gas beverage filling machine, PET bottle filling machine, bottle filling machine
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