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Functional drinks become the main beverage market, sales continue to increase

by:Xinmao     2021-06-04
As consumer health demand upgrading, functional drinks outpacing other drinks, in the driving of the huge market potential, the producers have been factory overweight in the Chinese market. Treasure of mineral water, the force producers to Japan otsuka holdings announced, a subsidiary of tianjin otsuka beverage company formally put into production, the new factory is expected to be a year at most 200 million bottles of 500 ml beverage production, capacity by 3 times. Healthy energy drink in recent years has become the fastest growing category, and market share is more and more big. According to agency for Chinese consumer confidence survey, functional drinks rolling amount of annual growth rate of 24%, far more than the fast food elimination 5% average growth rate in the country. Beverage machinery industry also constantly update their equipment, dedicated to provide more people with the best drinks
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