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Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine

Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine

Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine
  • Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine
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Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine
1 set
T/T, L/C, etc.
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40 days
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CE, SGS, ISO9001

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Introduction of Fully Automatic Linear High-speed PE Film Charter Machine

Full-automatic linear high-speed PE film charter is widely used in combination packaging of beverages, food, medical and chemical supplies. No bottom support, no carton, no matter whether it is square, round or flat, it can be packed perfectly, the visual effect is very good, and the packaging cost is low. This machine adopts novel and optimized design, adopts PLC automatic control, human-machine interface tracking, and accurate posi- tioning. The second package enters the state, which eliminates the lack of bottles, inverted bottles, flexible adjustment, safe and beautiful. Fully au- tomatic linear high-speed PE film charter with adjustable hot air circulation structure, suitable for various existing heat shrinkable films (including color printing), fast and easy film replacement, fault warning, complete locks and reliable operation. This provides a solid guarantee for constant quality, stable and reliable, and continuous production for a long time.

Full-automatic linear high-speed PE film charter adopts advanced German technology, and its main accessories are all well-known foreign brands. Full-automatic linear high-speed PE film charter has stable performance and long service life. It adopts a large-screen touch screen human-ma- chine interface, and the whole machine runs stably. Reliable performance.

Application Range Of Automatic Linear High-speed Pe Film Charter

Fully automatic linear high-speed PE film packaging machine is suitable for heat shrinkable packaging of cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, beverages, etc. Packaging effect.

Heat Shrink Film Charter Product Introduction

This equipment is imported from foreign advanced technologies and processes, and the equipment performance is stable and reliable; Adopting Mitsubishi "PLC" programmable program controller to realize integration of machine, electricity and gas; The heat shrinkable film charter can perform two-, three-, and four-row heat shrinkable packaging with or without a base according to production requirements. When changing the packaging form, only the transfer switch on the panel needs to be changed.


Worm and worm reducer, smooth and no vibration during feeding and film feeding; Specially designed sealing knife, the sealing line is firm, not cracking, and not easy to stick to the knife; "Teflon" material conveyor belt is resistant to wear and high strength; Vibration feeding device can be selected according to bottle shape; When packaging color film, add a full set of photoelectric detection to accurately position; Modular design, changing different bottle shapes can also be completed instantly.

The feeding conveyor can be designed as a left-side feed or a right-side feed according to the needs of the site; This equipment uses imported dual-wind motors to make the hot air in the furnace cavity evenly distributed and the effect is more beautiful after shrinking.


Adjustable hot air diversion circulation structure in the furnace cavity, the equipment is more energy efficient; The solid steel rod is used to outsource the imported silicone tube, and the chain rod conveying is durable; Inverter controls transmission speed, stepless speed regulation; Super large air volume cooling system, the product is quickly cooled and shaped after heat shrinking; The rear end of the shrinking furnace can be equipped with an aluminum roller table, so that the product will not fall to the ground after packaging.

Application Scope Of Heat Shrink Film Charter

Consumable material: PE roll film Production output: 6 packs / min-40 packs / min. Applicable objects of heat shrink film charter: shrink packaging of beverages, beer, mineral water, cans, glass bottles, etc.

The bottles or boxes to be packaged reach the bottle stopper plate via the channel formed by the bottle separating plate via the bottle conveying mechanism. The signal is given by the upper photoelectric detection head, the front bottle feeder is stopped, and the bottle stopper is retracted to release the stress caused by the bottle squeeze. The bottle separating plate is lowered and the bottle pressing plate is lowered to separate the packaging bottle from the waiting bottle. The bottle pushing mechanism works forward to bring the packaging bottle along with the film along with the bottle guiding mechanism. Reach the sealing and cutting position together, and at the same time, push the previous packaging bottle that com- pleted the film wrapping onto the conveyor belt in the heat shrinking device, and the film feeding mechanism also works at the same time.


Then the film pressing cylinder moves downward to hold the film, and then the heat-sealing cutter moves upward to complete the sealing and cutting func- tion. The packaging bottle pushed onto the high-temperature conveyor belt performs the heat shrinking function while moving forward in the heat shrinking equipment, and finally reaches the finished product carrier after being cooled and contracted by cold air. The above process is repeated continuously to realize packaging automation. Except for the conveying mechanism, the actions of the above processes are controlled by the PLC program under the action of compressed air.

Working Principle Of Heat Shrink Film Charter


Control interface

Simple interface, display temperature, easily realize man-machine dialogue.

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