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Fully automatic filling production line of the matters needing attention

by:Xinmao     2021-03-04
Fully automatic filling production line main drive adopts gear drive is open composite transmission, its high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance, lubrication, fully adopt inverter to control the machine's main motor speed, fully automatic filling machine adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed. Bottle guide system, simple structure, can be quickly and easily change, according to bottle type full automatic filling production line adopts card bottleneck structure. When is built into the chute feed can smoothly enter the cover plate, to prevent accidents, on the ramp and configured with a defence of the cover of the dial, ensure that feed into the cover plate cover, right on the slideway is configured with a pair of photoelectric switch, when detected without cover, immediately stop the host. See if automatic filling machine parts is abnormal or loose, gear lubrication conditions, conveyer belt, and the working power supply whether any leakage, etc. To extend the lifespan of the filling machine. First to cut off the power and stop operating, lest cause more serious damage to the filling machine. Cannot use water to clean, and to use special detergent to clean up. This is because due to in the process of filling, filling opportunities in acid and alkali corrosion, filling the mouth is easy to rust, cleaner can effectively derusting, the detergent evenly coated on the surface of filling machine, then use wet cloth to wipe, slowly will be fully automatic filling production line of the filler fuselage to wipe clean. Then use the sponge filling machine will be on the surface of the liquid. Center of main frame installation of the filling pipe, filling pipe connected to the quantitative feeding device, hanging rack for membrane institutions on the main frame, frame for membrane institutions lower installation with film roll, the upper roller for membrane organization frame is installed on the motor for membrane, for the membrane system of upper swinging rod installation type storage film.
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