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Fruity sparkling wine filling machine

by:Xinmao     2021-02-09
Fruity sparkling wine filling machine is introduced: fruity sparkling wine filling machine combines washing, filling and capping machine into an organic whole, absorbing the foreign advanced technology, products of the same type performance is stable, safe and reliable. Fruity sparkling wine filling machine structure is compact, perfect control system, convenient operation, high automation. Fruit filling machine sparkling wine in the bottle after entering the host through the star wheel transmission into the bottle machine and clamp of bottle bottle along the blunt bottle guide turned up 180 & deg; , make the bottle down. In a particular area tuming machine ( Determined by the baffle plate & ndash; — Blunt water bottle by blunt bottle water pump pumping water dish, by the baffle plate through 24 after root distribution pipeline to blunt bottle holder) Sterile water, blunt bottle nozzle, to wash the bottle inside. Bottle after rinse, drain well under the bottle clamp clamping down along the guide rail to flip 180 & deg; Bottle up. After wash bottles through the transition steel dial wheel ( Pure water blunt bottle) From the bottle machine export and transmitted to the next working procedure - filling. Fruity sparkling wine filling machine features: quantitative filling valve with high precision, high speed, liquid level accurately without fluid loss, ensure good quality of filling. The constant torque ceramic cover sealing device, to ensure the sealing quality. By high cap system, has the perfect feed technology and protection devices. Filling system using tap into the bottle, to avoid secondary pollution bottle. Fruity sparkling wine filling machine is equipped with overload protection device, can effectively protect the machine and the safety of the operator. Control system with water level automatic control, lack of detection, bottles of automatic stop counting and yield, and other functions. Washing bottle system USES production efficient cleaning spray nozzle spray companies in the United States, can wash to each place in the bottle. Main electric components, electric control valves, converter adopts imported parts, such as to ensure the good performance of the whole machine. Pneumatic system all components adopt international famous products. This series of filling machine operate advanced touch screen control, which can realize the man-machine dialogue. Fruity sparkling wine filling machinery technical parameters: type of DCGFA16 - 12 - 6 dcgfa18 - 18 - 6 dcgfa24 - 24 - 8 dcgfa32 - 32 - 10 dcgfa40 - 40 - 12 dcgfa50 - 50 - 15 bottles of capita 161824324050 filling Numbers 121824324050 covering 668101215 rated output 3000 bph5000bph8000bph12000bph15000bph18000bph capacity ( 千瓦) 3. 544. 87. 68. 39. 6 overall dimensions ( mm) 2450年x1800x24002650x1900x24002900x2100x24004100x2400x24004550x2650x24005450x3210x2400
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