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Fruit juice beverage production line take the juice's process

by:Xinmao     2021-05-05
Fruit juice process is an important link in fruit juice beverage production line, not only affects the extraction yield of juice and juice also affect product quality and production efficiency, raw materials and products according to the different extraction methods are very different, following are the steps of fruit juice beverage production line: 1, pressing: juicing method is the use of external mechanical forces, the fruit and vegetable juice squeezed from the fruit and vegetable pulp and juice. Are widely used in the production of fruit and vegetable juice drinks, is mainly used for water content of fruit and vegetable raw materials rich in fruit and vegetable juice beverage production. According to the different temperature of raw materials, according to the can be divided into cold pressing, hot pressing, and even freezing, etc. , according to squeeze the consequences if slag after leaching the press again, will squeeze into secondary crushing and a squeeze. Hot press refers to the raw material will be broken after heating, berry again to squeeze the juice puree. Hot press method is made up of raw material and biochemical characteristics and fruit and vegetable juice processing technology. Raw material before crushing in a complete organization, biochemical reaction speed is very slow, but, in the raw materials in a variety of chemical, enzymatic and microbial process, the raw material will suddenly accelerate, influence each other, leading to a chain of reactions. Important one is by various oxidation reaction of enzyme catalysis, escape from the raw material. Due to the quality of the fruit and vegetable juice ( Color, aroma, taste and chemical composition) Fell sharply, mainly by polyphenol oxidase catalysis of polyphenol oxidase, pulp and juice color changes caused by oxidation reaction. Therefore, in the process of fruit and vegetable juice processing, it is necessary to take effective measures to prevent or restrain the occurrence of adverse reactions, such as enzymatic Browning reaction. Therefore, the raw material after being broken, sometimes to heat treatment of fruits, and then hot pressing, with passivation enzyme activity, but also can inhibit microbial breeding, to ensure the quality of fruit and vegetable juices. After cold pressing is relative to the hot press, cold press is raw material of fruit is broken, no heat treatment operation, the fruit at room temperature or below room temperature. The reason is, two squeezing is based on the extraction of soluble solids in fruit essence, for the first time after extrusion pomace also contains a certain amount of soluble solids. In order to extract slag, solid as far as possible make candy slag content, with Chang Wenshui or condensed water recycling, Generally does not exceed 80 ℃) The slag removal: water = 1: ( 1 ~ 2) Ratio ( Mass ratio) , under the condition of enzymatic or without enzyme leaching 20 ~ 40 min, then press twice. The two squeezing technology can be used to improve the juice rate of 5% to 10%. 2, extract: will shift the fruit and vegetable juice extract extracted liquid medium ( Hot water) In the process. Is mainly used for low moisture content of dried fruit, such as high pectin content of jujube, black plum, red jujube and fruit juice, etc. , through the above methods of fruits and vegetables ( Such as hawthorn juice extraction) 。 Extraction can be divided into static extraction, reflux extraction and single extraction method, multiple extraction, etc. The main factors influencing the extraction rate of extraction temperature, time, the extent of raw material, poor concentration, flow velocity, etc. 3, beating, beating blow grind through the pulper broken fruit vegetables raw material crushing and isolated stone of the fruit, seeds, thin skin and fruit (such as Height) Virgin pulp. The fineness of raw stock can choose different beater sieve aperture. In fruit and vegetable juice processing this kind of method applies to fruit and vegetable pulp and pulp beverage production, such as strawberry juice, mango juice, peach juice, hawthorn juice, etc. Fruit and vegetable raw materials need the pre-cooking immediately after crushing machine for pre-cooking, passivation enzyme activity in fruits and vegetables, prevent Browning, then beating, beating three production in general. The size of the mesh size is 1 in turn. 2, 0. 8, 0. 5 mm, after beating the consequences for homogenization in meat particles smaller. If the single-channel beating, sieve size too small, otherwise easy to plug mesh. 4, centrifugal: centrifugal should be done through horizontal spiral centrifuge, fruit and vegetable juice by using the principle of centrifugal force, and the separation of the pulp. Center of slurry through a feeding tube into the drum of the chamber, under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, pomace to jilt to turn on the wall, by the screw conveyer pomace constantly to the tapered end of the drum and discharge, fruit and vegetable juice by thread clearance from the front end of the drum. 5, coarse filter: coarse filter is to remove scattered in fruit and vegetable juice larger particles or suspended solids in the process. In addition to beating method and other methods to get the fruit and vegetable juices contain large amounts of suspended particles, if flesh fiber, peel, core, etc. , their presence will affect the appearance of the product quality and flavor, to be removed in a timely manner, coarse filter or click in the process of juice for operation, production is typically used in vibrating screen, coarse filtration, fruit and vegetable juice usually by 0. 5 mm diameter of the filter screen can meet the requirements of coarse filter. For fruit and vegetable juice still need clarification and filtering after coarse filter, for cloudy juice and beverage with meat requires homogeneous and degassing.
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