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Fruit juice beverage production line needs to break three obstacles

by:Xinmao     2021-05-04
60000 tons, ten thousand tons, ranking first in the world, including apples, pears for the world first, citrus production after Brazil and the United States, in the third. Abundant fruit resources for the development of China's fruit juice processing industry has provided the raw material safeguard. 1990 years later, is to accelerate the development of fruit juice industry in our country, fruit juice beverage production increased year by year, by 1999 China's fruit juice beverage production reached 1. 5 million tons. In 1995 our country fruit and vegetable juice processing enterprises is 1237, the year of fruit and vegetable juice processing enterprises has been far more than this number. China has successively from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the United States, Finland, Japan and other countries the introduction of advanced juice processing line, including concentrated fruit juice beverage production line more than 90, nearly 160 TetraPak production lines, Combibloc production line and more than 10 lines to many cans, PET line, glass bottles. Article 70 the apple juice concentrate production line. Orange juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate and other concentrated juice production line 20 or so. At present, the most concentrated juice using aluminum foil aseptic packaging bags, such as apple juice concentrate; While frozen concentrated orange juice using iron drum lined with polythene bags. Fruit juice market in China on straight type drink juice and juice beverage packaging basically three screw cap glass bottles, metal cans, paper, PET bottles and so on four kinds of forms. In the process of fruit juice processing production, generally USES the hot filling, filling and aseptic cold filling three ways. Restricting factors of fruit production in China there are three main factors: raw material factors due to fruit tree species unable to meet the needs of processing, raw material problem has been plagued by processing enterprises. Only suitable for processing, high-quality juice made from fruit to excellent fruit juice products. Fruit juice processing industry of our country is in the fruit planting industry is developing rapidly, the fruit sells fruit developed on the basis of hard, through fresh pin fruit juice processing and consumption of excess, but fresh pin fruit juice with fruit and demand for raw materials is different, so the processing of fruit juice is difficult to meet the requirements of the market, such as China's production of apple juice with low acidity, apple and orange juice processing with orange quantity is little, bitter taste, high acidity, and the foreign processing enterprises have specialized for processing raw material base of fruit. Technology lack of due to the constant expansion of the market demand, so the production efficiency of enterprises have high demands, so many kinds of drinks companies have their own fruit juice beverage production line equipment also upgraded, or increase the fruit juice beverage production line, this also gives fruit juice beverage production line production enterprise provides the space, but if we gaps when compared with advanced foreign technology, fruit juice beverage production line is very obvious, this requires that we constantly to their technical upgrading, only when the technology can meet the requirements of enterprise, we can place in high-end market, packaging machinery is also facing the same problem. Less independent brands do we buy juice are mostly foreign brands on the market, or foreign acquisitions of domestic brands, many production fruit juice beverage enterprises in China, but little good brand, basically a lot of enterprises into a contract of foreign brands. Brand culture is the soul of the product, how to manage their brand establish vivid image, is our country fruit and vegetable enterprises need to learn. It is understood that the current lack of strong leadership brand fruit and vegetable drinks market. According to relevant data shows, market of fruit and vegetable juice of the top 10 brands does not have a market share of over 20%, and beverage industry of bottled drinking water, carbonated drinks, market concentration is much higher, the leadership of the top three brand market share is significantly higher than other brands. Leading brand of vacant means that each brand development space is very large, and once in the fruit and vegetable juice industry to win, you can gain more market share.
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