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Fruit juice beverage production filling way choice

by:Xinmao     2021-05-05
Now the taste of the juice is a diversified development trend, make the path to the development of fruit juice drinks, fruit juice beverage production line and put forward a lot of tests, the diversified development of fruit juice drinks in aspects of the difference of filling, concentration, drink beverage production line on the market for PET bottles and cartons of fruit juice beverage filling way mainly divided into two methods of hot filling and aseptic cold filling, many consumers to do not know much about these two development way, in the face of its under comparison: 1. Beverage production line of cold filling of the product was cooled to room temperature after high temperature sterilization, sterile environment in artificial, filling to the use of hydrogen peroxide sterilization after a bottle or box, bottle cap after hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Cold filling the product taste, nutritional quality is affected, PET use less material, but the investment of equipment relative to hot filling more than 1 times; 2. Beverage production line of hot filling is the product after high temperature sterilization at 90 degrees or so the temperature of the filling into the bottle, after good cover, with the temperature of the material itself to the bottle and cover for final sterilization. This product will remain high temperature is longer, the taste, the nutrition more damage. Hot filling equipment investment is less.
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