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Fruit juice beverage industry is closely related to beverage machinery

by:Xinmao     2021-05-03
Beverage industry in China is already a mature industry, the new hot spots and growth, growth emerging drinks, liquid filling machine market has huge development potential. At the same time, the rapid development of domestic filling machine industry, need to actively participate in international competition, we must break the industry situation. In the future, there are five main development direction of liquid filling machine, the function of the diversity of the development of mechanical technology, standardization, modular structure design, intelligent control, high precision structure development. The total number of fruit juice beverage production line workers and enterprises, scientific research strength is weak, but industry corresponding professional research institutions, colleges and universities are less. Some frontier technologies such as cryogenic industry, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction (sfe), radiation, vacuum, etc. Only through the court was unable to complete, be badly in need of business investment. Beverage machinery market in the future will be the high-end market transition, in order to in international competition, to improve the product quality standard, take the market as the guidance, strengthen the adjustment of product structure, the innovation of science and technology, new materials, new technology research and development, build a strong brand market beverage machinery. The continuous development of beverage machinery is the market potential of the future.
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