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Fruit juice beverage filling production process

by:Xinmao     2021-05-06
Filling beverage production line way: 1. Beverage production line of cold filling of the product was cooled to room temperature after high temperature sterilization, sterile environment in artificial, filling to the use of hydrogen peroxide sterilization after a bottle or box, bottle cap after hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Cold filling the product taste, nutritional quality is affected, PET use less material, but the investment of equipment relative to hot filling more than 1 times; 2. Beverage production line of hot filling is the product after high temperature sterilization at 90 degrees or so the temperature of the filling into the bottle, after good cover, with the temperature of the material itself to the bottle and cover for final sterilization. Such products keep high temperature state is longer, the taste, nutrition of fruit juice beverage production process. Fruit juice beverage production line process: 1. Dilution: will have frozen concentrated juice add pure water for dilution according to the requirements of formula. 2. Filter: remove suspended solids and impurity in the juice diluted juice to ensure that clear. 3. For the diluted juice by homogeneous: homogeneous, the uniformity and stability of fruit juice. Homogeneous pressure requirement: 20 - 25MPa。 4. Soluble sugar and filtering: in soluble sugar bowls. To start the blender, add the right amount of water, add sugar according to the formula. Soluble sugar has hot and cold cut, two ways can choose one according to the needs of the production process. Diatomite filter commonly used sugar liquid filtration. Other materials dissolve and filtering and sugar are basically identical. 5. Mixing: dissolve diluted good fruit juice, in front of the well and filter of sugar liquid, dissolved and the auxiliary pump to allocate cylinder, mixed evenly, and constant volume. Add the essence and according to the formula ratio ( Or) Pigment, and stir well. 6. Filtering: will allocate complete material liquid again by connecting filtering barrel filter in the line with possible suspension, thoroughly remove impurities, to ensure that products are transparent, uniform, no precipitation. 7. Sterilization: will the filtered material liquid by UHT sterilization machine, sterilization of material liquid. Sterilization conditions: 130 - 135℃,4- 6 seconds. Sterilization, to ensure the supply of the steam sterilizer pressure not less than 0. 8MPa。 8. Cleaning: the bottle through the bottle washing machine, fully wash the bottle may exist in the dust, dirt, etc. In order to ensure the cleaning effect for cleaning water pressure not less than 0. 4MPa。 Bottle washing often and filling, capping & other; Triad & throughout; The filling machine. 9. Mainly include aseptic cold filling and sealing, filling and aseptic hot filling two kinds of ways. Fruit juice beverage filling to ensure that quality is often the sterile hot filling, requirements: the temperature is not lower than 90 ℃ when filling, after filling the bottle temperature is not lower than 85 ℃. To block immediately after filling. Block to adjust the proper torque, cover sealing to ensure tight sealing. Washing bottle, filling and capping & other; Triad & throughout; Hot filling machine. 10. Pour the bottle: pour hot filling the product immediately after finishing by bottle machine, make the bottle upside down, let the material liquid filled keypad sterilization of bottles and caps, in order to ensure the quality of the products. 11. Inspection: let the product through the light inspection machine, check whether the bottle has dirt and impurities, the bottle seal is complete, ensure that qualified products to enter the next step. 12. Cooling: let the products by cooling tunnel, the temperature of the products rapidly to ( 38± 2) ℃. More damage. Hot filling equipment investment is less.
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