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Fruit juice beverage filling equipment

by:Xinmao     2021-05-08
Fruit juice beverage machine integrates washing, filling, sealing, as one of the hot filling machinery, is suitable for filling various kinds of fruit juice beverage production and production, milk beverage, tea beverage filling production, production of blueberry juice, kiwi juice filling and production, grape juice, pear juice, and filling the production, and production, orange juice, apple juice filling production. Change a small amount of parts at the same time, can be used in pure water filling production line, mineral water filling production line. Production of 4000 - 24000 bottles/hour, for users to choose. Fruit juice beverage equipment adopts advanced micro gravity type negative pressure filling principle, filling fast, steady, accurate, and is equipped with perfect material flow system, also can realize independent gas back, back not in contact with the material, reduce the secondary pollution of materials and oxidation. This function satisfy the requirements under 95 ℃ hot filling, filling valve and materials in and out of the line without health dead Angle, at the same time equipped with CIP cleaning interface, block is equipped with the bottle before RO water washing device, to ensure that the bottle no moldy phenomenon. Catch is realized by using magnetic torque type screw LIDS, cover, screw cap function. Screw torque stepless adjustable, with functions of constant torque rotary sealing plastic cover. Fruit juice beverage machinery human-machine interface touch-screen control, PLC computer program control and inverter control, advanced technology, it has to cover the automatic control system, automatic filling temperature detection, material of high temperature alarm, automatic stop at low temperature and reflux, no bottle no stamp, lack of bottle waiting, lack of cover downtime, etc.
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