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Fruit juice, and tea consumption situation of beverage industry?

by:Xinmao     2021-05-07
A 03, tea drink, juice mixed juice, add steam is the highlight of beverage industry; 04, functional drinks. Serving as the & tea drinks in this two years, although other Supporting & throughout; , has always maintained a fast growth. Increasing competition at present, the domestic tea drinks, tea drinks market integration speed. In the tea beverage market is in the lead of tingyi, 04 years earlier with asahi and itochu beverage to create, is the personage inside course of study as a sign of tea drinks began to integrate. March official involved in the tea beverage market of jianlibao suddenly launched ice black tea, green tea, stay on tea three series of products, differential marketing of tea drinks. Mid-april and Coca-Cola launched in Beijing & other; Nestle ice tea throughout the &; 。 The beverage giant into the formation of the pattern of the current domestic tea beverage market impact, some small and medium-sized brand will be eliminated under the impact of the big brands, the integration of tea beverage market is accelerating, the future of the game between the tea beverage market will be a giant. Rum alerts analysis center believes that the current tea beverage market big brand active mainly for two reasons: one is the development of Chinese tea beverage market space is huge. Jianlibao, Coca-Cola, Pepsi rushed to enter the tea beverage industry is the strong evidence. In numerous beverage, real and culture of China is the tea drinks, tea drinks is very sufficient power, so to speak. Second, 05 tea beverage industry standards. Because now tea beverage industry low barriers to entry, the quality of the products on the market is uneven, so, improve product quality, maintain food safety become the urgent matter. Consumers are more willing to buy quality assured brand. And before the standards, each big tea beverage brands still tightening their, grab market. A cup of tea at the same time should also see, the current domestic market has no added follow market opportunities, although tea beverage from mainstream retired after the second line are still relatively stable consumption share, but rapid growth has been difficult to reproduce, wahaha, master kong, unified the three brand sales slide is enough to prove it. So when the tea beverage production enterprise in order to further establish itself in the product market position, unique value will be no tea drinks. The data shows, kirin with no sugar tea beverage occupied Japan two-thirds of the market. In the future, therefore, in the absence of tea drinks, market development potential is huge. Second, juice drinks with the improvement of residents' income level, beverage production and consumption growth is possible. While a category to favoured by consumers, the most fundamental factor is to suit the desire and pursuit of consumers. Natural, health, return to natural juice drinks to satisfy the consumers of natural, nutrition, diet, health drinks of demand, thus retaining its consumption for a long time. With the rapid development of the beverage industry, our country's juice industry has made considerable progress. At present our country is already the world's largest fruit juice producer and third largest juice consumer after the United States and Germany. Because China's low labor costs, so our country's apple juice has a competitive advantage in the international market. Out continuously, our country along with the high cost of producing apple juice performance more prominent in the international market, the world trend of concentrated apple juice production center to transfer to China the more obvious. This will drive the further development of the domestic fruit juice industry. Huiyuan family pack 100% pure juice of the PET packing products also suggests that the bullish on concentrated juice can not only in the new mainstream impact the stability of its position, and have the advantage of consumer equilibrium of the four seasons. But the raw material quality to be improved, & other Pesticide residues & throughout; Problems, disorderly competition phenomenon is the important factor restricting the development of fruit industry, worthy of fruit juice industry manufacturers. Have a market survey, when consumer is buying fruit juice more valued brand factor, but brand loyalty is low. Respondents over a period of time only have one type brand drink the probability of less than 10%. So to spare no effort to fruit juice market in China education, cultivating is the current of the more important things. But still can predict the people consumption level rise year by year, considerable return on investment, and stable sales growth is fuelling capital a sword pointing to the fruit juice beverage market of the original motivation, juice drinks in China's development potential is huge. This shows the popularity of beverage machinery industry is very objective!
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