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For mineral water production line need

by:Xinmao     2021-02-28
Mineral water belongs to the FMCG in summer, the production of mineral water have no intention in the summer it is a very good business needs to set up a small mineral water production line, the first site need to these conditions, how many large-scale plant, such as 2000 bottles per hour beverage or water, minimum workshop is 600 square, also near the water. 1, water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis equipment to filter a total of 4 - mineral water 60000. 2, filling machine. If demand for daily production in 1000, can work overtime production, using 1000 - 1500 bottles/hour rotary filling line is enough. General small mineral water bottling enterprises can choose xinmao mechanical filling machine, complete after-sales service, the optional equipment can be customized according to requirements. 3, equipment, materials and key components. Equipment for durability, must adopt 304 or 316 stainless steel, pipe, valves, pumps, etc. Need to use other better low failure rate. 4, bottle blowing machine, mineral water bottles for bottle blowing, is the first link of the production line, equipment quality directly affect the follow-up work, once appear, fault, stop running the whole production line. 5, set of marking machine, packaging machine, to produce good water bottles to carry on the packing label and 6, plant height more than 4 meters, covers an area of 700 square above as well ( A line) 。 7, automatic filling production equipment in about 300000 can win, but the auxiliary facilities are more expensive, such as building, dial the cap machine, disinfection facilities, clean workshop, laboratory, etc. , estimate need 300000 yuan more insurance. 8, the rent and deposit also need to prepare at least 300000 yuan. 9, therefore, is now starting a can make stable quality and can survive the beverage factory, need at least 1 million yuan. 10, it is important to note that once the start up and can't turn back, investors tend to focus on small beverage enterprise equipment investment cost, and ignored the supporting, application of auxiliary facilities, start-up cost, QS, custom mold, staff of inductrial injury insurance, packaging design, plate-making, recruitment, training, trial production and late fees and time cost. For more than two sets of plans and emergency measures, carefully implemented. Xinmao machinery mineral water, using advanced foreign technology, combining with the characteristics of our country and developed on its own. It USES a lot of new technology, new process and new structure. It has excellent quality. The bottle's neck was stuck in between molding board on the fixed plate and the bottle, the bottle by the star wheel drive clip grip the bottle upside down, so as to realize washing, filling, sealing the three process. In addition, mineral water filling equipment all parts in contact with the liquid adopts 304 stainless steel or food engineering plastic, wear resistance and oxidation resistance. Most of the imported parts to the electrical system. This machine has the standard of food hygiene, stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, automatic control and perfect after-sales service, is very popular in the domestic and foreign customers. It is an ideal equipment of all kinds of beverage production enterprise.
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