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Food machinery in China improve intelligent devices research strength to join

by:Xinmao     2021-05-31
Although China's food machinery equipment industry significantly positive situation this year, but there are still low device cluster and the defects of lack of independent research and development of high-tech equipment. Plus in intelligent tuyere, automatic production line research and development of breakthrough is an urgent need to research strength of injection. In the food machinery industry in China steady positive trend is obvious. Since this year, machinery industry actively adapt to the new normal development, promote the supply side structural reform, expand the effective supply, market confidence gradually increased, efficiency improvement, the export recovery, structural optimization and transformation development power boost. But the industry still has a lot of contradictions and problems in economic operation, stability of sorrow still exists, the transformation and upgrading of the task is still heavy. Transformation development power boost with the acceleration of market structure, more and more machinery industry enterprises actively deal with, as actively, through technical innovation, model innovation explore new kinetic energy, the industry transformation development power boost. Fully automated production line will be the future development of main technologies to develop food machinery industry, for the development of food machinery in China has both opportunities and challenges, China's food machinery enterprise, if can seize the opportunity, so the market prospect of the future must be very broad. Intelligent manufacturing start step by step. In the relevant industrial policy of led and led by scientific and technological progress, industrial machinery manufacturing process of intelligent upgrade has started, arranged in nearly three years national intelligence to make new model pilot demonstration projects, the mechanical industry for about 46% of the project. At the same time, the mechanical industry intelligent manufacturing products supply ability are also gradually increase, the recent major independent brands to industrial robot manufacturing enterprises, according to the results of the questionnaire survey of close to 90% of the enterprises in the first half year-on-year growth, new orders, orders rose more than 20% with 70% of the enterprises. Food machinery industry in China must be in the core technology research, to sum up, the vigorous development of the domestic food, boost the development of the food machinery industry rapidly, at the same time, demand for overseas markets are also gradually to increase. Food machinery in China will be how to develop the need to apply new technology, the need to strengthen the scientific research work, need to improve production quality and management level, the need to improve production quality and management level, to the development of upstream and downstream products.
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