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Food beverage production process equipment and the importance of the filling line CIP pipe cleaning and disinfection sterilization

by:Xinmao     2021-03-27
Introduction with the improvement of people's living standard, people have been not only confined to the definition of food quality requirement for color, aroma, taste and shape, also including food safety, nutritional and functional properties. The quality of the food safety in food elements first. Food processing plants are also pay attention to this problem, to clean and tidy work environment, to produce food will be high quality, people would like to eat just rest assured. Market on drinking water, beverage, health drinks, condiments, such as a wide variety of food, in their production process, equipment, pipelines, bag (must be Bottle) , even the necessary disinfection processing production site, to ensure that products meet health standards. And the cleaning and disinfection of the pipeline is the key of the whole process. Production pipeline compared to other production, sterilization is difficult, not easy to completely kill microorganisms, pipeline internal colony total exceeds bid, mold and yeast to exceed bid, the main reason lies in the production line for a long time without cleaning disinfection, makes the water through the pipe, infected with the bacteria, mould and yeast, etc. After long-term use will produce a layer of biofilm, beverage of pipeline caused by biofilms, mainly microbial mix some impurity adsorption, wall for a long time, trip quite viscous layer of membrane, it is difficult to clean replacement, together with pipe diameter is small, curved section, the problem such as the water slowly, more in the water under the action of organic matter and humus, prone to pipe corrosion and plugging and water turbidity, bacteria etc. Phenomenon, shelter evil people and practices within the tube wall is, hoarding algae toxin, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, a lot of toxic metals such as lead, cause the second pollution of food. Cleaning is the sewage plant and processing equipment are removed. “ Dirt & throughout; Exactly is stored in food contact surface of nutrients required for bacterial growth. Including the fat, carbohydrate, protein and minerals. With disinfectant is after cleaning, disinfection destruction of microbial breeding, thus reduce the number of other microorganisms. Due to the routine use of sterilization process, or a lack of broad spectrum, cannot kill all kinds of fungus toxin; Action, or kill ability, the dose to big can't satisfy the need of the production; Or it is due to lack of stability effect is poor; May even be produced in the process of disinfection such as harmful and carcinogenic substances such as chlorine phenol and chloroform, make the products can not meet the hygiene standards and has a harmful effect on consumers. Sales of fungicide on the market at present, a large part of the main problems are: the pipe microbial cleared, but also cause conduit with residual, is faulty, there is need to use other product and further. So that enterprises will get in trouble, increase many programs, cause the consumption of resources. Drink beverage microbial pollution path to microbial contamination is divided into two types: direct and indirect transmission. Direct transmission include: food raw materials and ingredients ( Including production water) Carried by microbes, production line, the use of instruments, packaging materials and foods, such as food contact surfaces contact transmission, animals, Pests) Contact with food, factory workers, hand or other impurity body parts contact with food, microbial sedimentary space environment on food or direct contact with food. Indirect transmission include: staff hand contact non-food contact surfaces before touching the food spread, pipe produced by microorganisms and biological membrane, microbial environment due to improper operation spread into the air, staff activity space to the spread of microbes, stream of people, logistics is outside of the processing environment microbial propagation to the processing environment. Beverage processing enterprise current situation for food and beverage processing, by controlling the nutrients needed for the pathogen to control pathogens are difficult to achieve a goal, because in addition to special circumstances, most of the food and beverage for the pathogen growth provides adequate nutrition. Food and beverage processing can be done by each control pipe in food, beverage sterilization and sterilization, sterilization in the finished product formulation, water treatment, or by a specific packaging sterilization technology to adjust gas to control the growth of pathogens. Many beverage enterprises usually in production process, often neglected in the process of production of raw materials, water supplies, equipment, piping, Cause secondary pollution) And incomplete sterilization, results in a appear flocculent precipitate or suspended solids in the finished product, such as beverage quality guarantee period is short. 。
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