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Food and drink pure water equipment, process principle and advantages

by:Xinmao     2021-03-26
Pure water equipment can be reused in the food and beverage industry, because of its easy operation, stable process, water production quality higher many advantage, to ensure safe and reliable water supply food and beverage production line. Food and beverage production principle of RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment process technology of water purity is to master the highest of all the water making technology, almost 100% of cleanliness. After the French original imported equipment, the company I used the boot device to realize automatic membrane rinse function, 2 - flushing time Ten minutes is adjustable. Devices have waste water reflux device, can be secondary to water use, improve the utilization rate of water and save water. Low voltage protection system, when the source water pressure is insufficient or passive water equipment, automatic stop, protect the security of the high pressure pump and equipment. After the expiration of the pure water tank water device can automatically stop. Equipment is equipped with cleaning and maintenance system, it can be regular line cleaning and maintenance for equipment, prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane 3 - For five years. Equipment adopts stainless steel frame structure, the realization of health dead Angle, equipment corrosion, using 10 - Twenty years is still like new. Two-stage reverse osmosis device is equipped with multiple regulator, which can realize double, single stage or single and double water level of the water at the same time, make the production water quality. Reverse osmosis equipment can be used filling machine form a complete set of equipment, reduce the cost of investment, improve the utilization of water resources. Equipment basic can achieve unattended operation 24 hours a day. Armed with the online water quality monitor, observe the effluent water quality. 1 food and drink pure water equipment technology advantage, the collocation of the system equipment small volume, convenient installation, equipment has a more widespread use environment. 2, the system with PLC microcomputer control system, to carry the conditions of the equipment with full automatic operation of the system. 3, professional technical service personnel to provide equipment installation, commissioning services, let customers buy equipment to look after. 4, system of housing production material is used of 304 stainless steel material, surface smooth as a mirror, the beauty is generous. 5, equipment structure design is reasonable, improve the efficiency of the equipment.
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