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Five kinds of food packaging machinery market do not have enough to eat

by:Xinmao     2021-03-11
Beer and beverage filling machinery complete sets of equipment. At present, the main breweries are nearly thousand, more than 2000 beverage factory. Experts believe that development should focus on beer filling machinery complete sets of equipment with annual capacity of 50000 tons of medium-sized equipment and annual output of 100000 tons of large equipment, moderate development and high speed, low loss, measurement precision, and can automatically detect the multi-function, full automatic equipment. Beverage machinery to adapt & other; Focus on the main agent, the scattered throughout filling beverage &; The development direction, development in beer, beverage technology and equipment on the site. Convenience food packaging production of complete sets of equipment. Mainly convenience to instant noodles, rice, noodle, porridge, steamed buns, dumplings and so on as representative's convenience food processing and packaging equipment demand more and more big. In addition, the traditional food processing, elderly and baby food is also very bullish on the prospect of processing and packaging equipment. Slaughtering and meat processing and packaging machinery. Poultry livestock slaughtering machinery, meat processing machinery, refined meat processing machinery and packaging machinery is the development direction, especially large and medium-sized cities parity mall need packing to sell the product more, to be packaging machinery. In recent years, urban and rural areas develop aquaculture breeding, slaughtering dragon, so urgently need to improve the medium and small poultry livestock slaughtering processing and packaging equipment, new large-scale slaughtering equipment. In addition, ham, sausages and other refined processing packaging machinery market prospect is broad. Grain and oil processing packaging equipment. At the beginning of new century demand for these products is expected to maintain a higher growth rate. In addition, the grain of the small and medium-sized packaging more popular on the market, the demand is very big. Development, therefore, is suitable for the different status of different material, the packing weight packing equipment broad prospects. Fruit and vegetable processing technology equipment. To predict future market demand of such products include: green fruit grading technology equipment, high efficiency energy-saving of concentrated juice processing technology equipment, technology and equipment, after the wash and pick the bags of fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen vegetables and dehydrated vegetables technical equipment; Reduce the fruits and vegetables, grain, meat, fish, eggs and other food raw material loss of processing machinery; Using gas, Co60 radiation equipment, such as fluidized bed technology and new practical technology and equipment such as fresh during storage.
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