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Five kinds of food and beverage packaging of sustainable development trend

by:Xinmao     2021-03-11
From the new design and material innovation to sustainable mode of production, food and beverage machinery packaging market has been attracted industry attention. Here we summarize several obvious trend, see if they will appear in the next 12 months in the shop. 1. Material replacement high-end food and beverage companies and alcoholic beverage brands, for various reasons to choose plastic instead of glass. Poly (terephthalic acid ethyl ester ( PET) Bottle has a series of benefits. For example, a 750 ml glass bottle weight about 400 g, and a 750 ml PET bottle weight only about one 8 of the former is 54 g. Considering from the Angle of transportation, the lighter weight to make PET bottle in the process of transportation is easier and more environmentally friendly. In addition, they are strong and durable that they can more safely transport. In the coming year, we are looking forward to see more drinks companies further away from the glass bottle, plastic bottles. 2. Unusual container choose many beverage brands will try with innovation for their bottles and packaging material, we can even see some trends are emerging. One of them tried to show different is whisky makers Stillhouse, it for its own brand of spirits chose metal packaging. Stillhouse claim they use 100% of the stainless steel in the product packaging for the industry. The choice of metal materials can be traced back to the prohibition period, under the guidance of them, other liquor brands also followed suit start! Stillhouse will in 2016 New York international packaging exhibition ( EastPack) On display, at the same time we may see more innovative packaging design. 3. Zero waste solution environmentally friendly packaging is no longer a new concept, but it is still a growing trend. Companies and consumers are more aware of the innovation cycle using the method and implementation of the benefits of these methods. In addition, the big wine brands such as carlsberg by actively support the innovation of the biodegradable bottles research to keep advanced. It with EcoXpak continued cooperation will be in the use of zero waste materials, the key to progress because 100% of the company's goal is to create the use of green fiber biodegradable bottles. 4. Vertical soft bag vertical soft bag will continue to be popular in the next 12 months. Each brand all love this kind of packaging, because they can printing vivid designs and give free packaging designers real innovation. And vertical soft bag for brand apart from competitors as well as on the shelf to stand out more possibilities. Vertical soft bag is lighter than metal cans or plastic, and an empty bag can flatter the transportation and storage, so just takes a small part of the truck space, this means that their environmental footprint. To this kind of packaging market in 2018 is expected to reach $37. 3 billion. 5. Trend of packaging design when it comes to design restoring ancient ways, we look forward to in the coming months to journey to a trip back in time, from the old fashion, rhetorical DonPapa rum brands, for example, the recent sensational design restoring ancient ways of food industry, such as DrFeelgood Popsicle packaging, has adopted the limited color and appearance of traditional print. We are looking forward to the next 12 months in the food and beverage industry to see more of these designs, and due to some brand creating, the wine industry has emerged of the old packaging design trends.
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